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Bed & Breakfast Accommodation in Gambia (27)

Casa Carla Bed & Breakfast
Location: Quiet residential area in Bijilo.
Rooms: 5 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔ (in rooms) Car Rental ✔
A deluxe B&B (optional dinner) with 5 en-suite bedrooms, (shower, hand-basin, flushing toilet) running hot water & disabled access.
Palma Rima Hotel (Smartline) 2 star
Location: Near Kololi beach, some rooms with sea views
Rooms: 152 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
A family-friendly tourist hotel with BnB, half-board, full-board or an all-inclusive basis.
African Village Hotel 2 star
Location: On Bakau cliff edge & narrow beach
Rooms: 73 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
This is a 2 star hotel on the seafront *BnB or or half board
Badala Park Hotel
Location: Kotu Stream, 10 minutes walking distance to beach
Rooms: 204 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
*Available room rates are for bed & breakfast, double or single bedroom.
Bamboo Guest House
Location: In Bijilo, 7 minutes walking distance to the beach
Rooms: - Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
*Daily room rate includes a continental breakfast.
Bendula Lodge
Location: Batokunku, near Tujering, 15 mins. walk to beach
Rooms: 5 huts  
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
*Daily room cost inclusive of morning breakfast buffet.
Boboi Beach Lodge
Location: On the beach of Kartong, SW Gambia
Rooms: 15 Bar & Restaurant ✔
Single, separate beds, breakfast included in room charges.
Darlowe Bed & Breakfast
Location: Tranquil, Brusubi, peaceful residential district
Rooms: 4 Breakfast ✔
En-suite ✔ Dinner ✔ (optional)
2 bedrooms with private bathroom, 2 are with shared bathroom. Breakfast is made up of fresh local bread, eggs, fresh juice and fruit.
Dunes Resort Hotel
Location: On Kololi beachfront
Rooms: 24 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔  
Room charges are inclusive of B&B.
Guesthouse Gambia
Location: In Sanyang, short stroll to the beach, about 10 minutes
Rooms: 3 Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Self-catering ✔
Continental breakfast in dining room; double beds
Hansen's Lodge
Location:  In Kololi village, over 1km to beach at Palma Rima
Rooms: 5  
En-suite ✔ Fan ✔ Self-catering ✔
Hibiscus House
Location: In heart of Brufut village, over 1.5km to the beach
Rooms: 7 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔ Car Rental ✔
*Room rates includes 'Bed & Breakfast' & all locally payable taxes.
Holiday Beach Club 2 Star
Location: Close to Senegambia strip, 165 metres to the beach
Rooms: 80 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C? Bar & Restaurant ✔
*Room rates are on a board basis
Kadjendo Guest House
Location: In Kotu, residential area, near Elton Petrol Station junction
Rooms: 15  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
*The booking price is inclusive of breakfast and the restaurant serves international cuisine which changes on a daily basis.
Kasumay Lodge
Location: Kubuneh village, south bank river, near Mandina River
Rooms: 4  
En-suite ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔  
Lemon Creek Hotel
Location: On Bijilo seafront with sea views from top 2 floors
Rooms: - Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Wi-Fi ✔ (internet cafe)  
Leybato Hotel
Location: On the Fajara shoreline, close sea views
Rooms: 17 Bar & Restaurant ✔
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Self-catering ✔
Wi-Fi ✔  
17 beachfront bedrooms with private shower and flush toilet.
Luigi's Holiday Apartments
Location:   Near Kololi beach (50m) Palma Rima
Rooms: - apts. Swimming Pool ✔
En-suiteA/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
Single room, B&B rate for overnight accommodation, inclusive breakfast with air-conditioning, private shower, flushing toilet, fridge and satellite television. Their other apartments have a kitchenette.
Mandinka Lodge
Location: Near Senegambia strip junction, Kololi
Rooms: 4 Plunge Pool
En-suiteFan BreakfastSnacks
Manjai Lodge
Location: In Manjai Kunda, next to Kotu
Rooms: 53 Swimming Pool
En-suiteFan Bar & Restaurant ✔
  Self-catering ✔
Palm Beach Hotel
Location: On the Kotu beachfront & stream
Rooms: 164 Swimming Pool
En-suite ✔ A/C ✔ Bar & Restaurant ✔
Internet Cafe ✔  
*Bed and breakfast, half-board or full-board

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