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Bungalows For Sale in Gambia

Number Six Bamboo
  Location: Brufut
Tranquil residential area, 10 mins. by car to coastal rd
Price: 27,000 (ONO)
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Nawec electricity, borehole
This is an unfurnished single level property for sale with a shared pool. There are trees in the garden, a bantaba and 24/7 hour security person on the grounds. 2 bedrooms are en-suite.
4 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom Villa For Sale
  Location: Bijilo
Half mile from the Kombo Coastal Highway.
Price: 75,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size: 34.60 x 24.85 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Grid water, electricity
An unfurnished 4 bedroom bungalow with 2 en-suite bathrooms and 1 guest bathroom, paved garden area, swimming pool, dining area, living room, and kitchen. Furniture can be negotiated.
5 Bedroom Furnished House For Sale
  Location:  Senegambia (Kololi)
Near the Bertil Harding Highway.
Price: 88,000
Bedrooms:  5  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 5  |  Utilities: Nawec water, electricity
This is a large residential bungalow set in a mature tropical garden & just 100 metres to the Senegambia Highway. It has a fully fitted kitchen, dining room, store, guest toilets, boy's quarters, reserve water & laundry room.
4 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign
100m behind Coconut Residence, Greater Banjul.
Price: €115,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Mains water & electricity
A delightful unfurnished, 4 bedroom house for sale in a prime location in Gambia near the Kombo Coastal Road. There is a living room, kitchen, sleeping rooms, boy's quarters with shower room, water tank, pump, garden, fruit trees, & generator room.
3 Bedroom House in Senegambia
  Location:  Kololi
Kombo Coastal Rd, near Senegambia strip Junction
Price: 264,000 (negotiable)
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities:
This is a furnished 1 storey home with lounge, complete kitchen, dining room, air-conditioning in all rooms, a cold water tank, standby generator, solar unit, tropical garden with fruit trees, a well with pump & watchman's room.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Brufut Heights
300 metres from the main highway.
Price: D2.5 million
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 25 x 16 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Water & shared borehole
Here is a unique prospect to buy a newly built 2 bedroom furnished house in Gambia with a flat roof terrace. The building has a kitchen, dining area, lounge with 1 en-suite bathroom & 1 guestroom.
Cheap House For Sale in Kotu
  Location: Kotu
400 metres to Palma Rima hotel's main road on Bertil Harding Highway.
Price: €70,000
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 18.90 x 13.50 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 1  |  Utilities: Grid water & electricity
The unfurnished bungalow was built in Gambia in 2001 and has a relatively new fitted kitchen, 1 guest toilet, dining area, a small garden with fruit trees & parking for up to 2 cars.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Brufut Gardens Estate
In gated housing community, stret lights & access rds.
Price: $107,000
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 375m2
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Grid electricity & water
An unfurnished TAF house with 2 sleeping quarters, 1 en-suite master, fully fitted kitchen, lounge / dining area, AC, auto parking space & back terrace.
3 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location:  Cape Point, Bakau

Price: 125,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
An unfurnished, good standard property with spacious living room, dining area, lovely fitted kitchen, built-in wardrobes, nicely tiled bathrooms & spacious garden. The bungalow is within close walking distance to the beach.
3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Cape Point, Bakau
On Cape Point Road, close to beach, 4 mins walk
Price: $235,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Mains electricity & water
A delightful fully furnished home on offer in a quiet residential area. All sleeping rooms have air-conditioning en-suite bathrooms, there is a good sized kitchen, dining area, living room, swimming pool & boy's quarters.
3 Bedroom Fully Furnished House For Sale
  Location: Kololi
Quiet residential area & near to amenities.
Price: 130,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: spacious
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Solar powered, water
The furnished bungalow is situated not far from the Senegambia area & main road. The guest rooms have built in wardrobes & other furniture, there is a lounge, dining area, fully fitted kitchen, nice garden & porch.
3 Bedroom Unfurnished House For Sale
  Location: Kololi
Near the beach area on quiet, peaceful dirt rd.
Price: €90,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: 36 x 43 x 38 x 36 sq. m
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: All
The empty property is situated in a serene location of Gambia yet just 10 minutes walk to the beach & near shops. The main feature is it's ample sized garden. It has a lounge, dining area, kitchen, porch, car parking space & kids play area.
TAF 2 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location:  Brufut Gardens Estate
West coast region.
Price: 41,700
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 165 Sq. meters
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Water & electricity supply
The fully furnished bungalow is located in a much sought after location of The Gambia. It has a sitting room which leads into the dining, 1 master en-suite, 1 guest room, fitted kitchen, 2 shower rooms a small back garden & car parking space.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Bijilo
Just off the main Sukuta Highway
Price: 44,000 (negotiable)
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 30 x 25  sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
A good low priced fully furnished property in a restful residential location. The main & guest rooms are tastefully furnished with double beds, there is a fully fitted kitchen, lounge, dining area & 2 bathrooms en-suite.
3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale in TAF
  Location:  Brufut Gardens Estate
Near the beach & the Gambia Coral Beach Hotel Resort & Spa.
Price: 120,000 (negotiable)
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: All
Here is an opportunity to buy a family house which is fully furnished & close to the beach with a swimming pool! The rooms are all en-suite & there is a modern kitchen, lounge, BBQ & lovely back terrace.
3 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign
The building is in a quiet residential area.
Price: 115,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec electricity & water
A fully furnished three bedded bungalow on offer to buy from a real estate agency. The family sized property has a wooden fitted kitchen & store, utility room, washing machine. The living room has leather chairs, coffee table & satellite TV.
4 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Brusubi Estate
75m from main rd & near amenities
Price: D2,300,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size: 25 x 20 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water 7 electricity
The house  is a 4 bedroom bungalow which is just off the Kombo Coastal Road  on the West Coast Region of Gambia. The property has a swimming pool, an L-shaped kitchen, dining room, lounge, storage water tank. & generator room.
3 Bedroom Furnished House For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign
1.5 km from the beach
Price: €48,500
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: 30 x 20  sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: All
A furnished 3 bedded, roomy bungalow in Gambia's Western Region. The home has a fitted kitchen, sitting room, porch, hallway, watchman's quarters, garden, shed, garage car parking, reserve water tank, & borehole.

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* Please Note Disclaimer: Always use the services of a Banjul based lawyer before buying any properties or making any real estate decisions. Above you will find listings, photos, fsbo owners' contact addresses, telephone numbers, emails & location in the Kombo District of the Western Region.
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