Gambia Hotels Finder
  Gambia Hotels Finder
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  To ADD your GAMBIAN hotel, lodge or guesthouse please email us the following:
  (1) Name of accommodation
  (2) Location (E.g. Kololi, Bijilo, Brufut, Kerr Serign, Fajara, Brusubi etc.)
  (3) Total number of bedrooms & total number of suites.
  (4) ROOM FACILITIES & SERVICES: (e.g. en-suite bathroom, safe, living room, kitchen)
  (5) GENERAL FACILITIES & SERVICES: (e.g. swimming pool, generator, water tank, gardens, activities etc.)
  (6) Telephone number, email (& website, P.O. box, fax if any)
  (7) Photos (up to 10 maximum)

  Then send your details to the email below:


Note: Your accommodation details & images will stay on this website only as long as stays active online.

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