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Health Charities & NGOs in Gambia

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Wellingara Community Initiative Support & 1 to 3 charity which has helped to finance the building of a health centre after a number of tragic medical incidences.
A US charity founded to provide people-to-people assistance to deprived rural communities in Gambia & to tackle malnutrition, disease, poverty & technological deprivation.
A.S.B [Serrekunda]
The Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund e.V. (ASB) is a health clinic in Dippa Kunda (Musu Kebba Drammeh Street) which is operated by a German charity organisation. The NGO's services include first aid training, emergency rescue services, assistance for children and youth.
B2B Foundation
A Dutch foundation set up in 2006 to raise donations in order to help equip and staff a small clinic on Jinack Island which serves a population of 1,700.
Bansang Hospital Appeal
Bansang Hospital stands deep in Gambia's bush, 200 miles east by road from the coast and is responsible for the health care needs of some 600,000 Gambians.
Cape Point Hospital
The health NGO was established to address the medical needs of women and children in modern facilities for those who cannot afford to travel abroad for medical treatment.
First Aid 4 Gambia
A charity who are supplying First Aid equipment and training to nursery schools in Gambia.
Gambia Help
Health & education liaison project aims to help communities to improve and protect their health as well as to improve primary education through local empowerment.
Nova Scotia Gambia-Association
The NGO Nova Scotia-Gambia Association is a non-profit development organization based in Canada which works in partnership with Gambians to pursue initiatives for equitable and sustainable futures for youth.
Physically Mentally Impaired Health & Education
 PMIHE is a non-profit charity based organization which aims to create of avenues and opportunities for the disabled and underprivileged in respect of education and health, & the elimination of any harmful & unhealthy cultural & social practices in society.
Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's largest humanitarian organization who's work is guided by the main principles of humanity, neutrality, voluntary service, independence & universality.
Sambel Kunda Clinic
The small hospital serves the people of the Niamina district and is administered by British Trustees. They also provide training programs and support groups from the clinic to promote first aid, disease management, awareness screening and the growing and use of medicinal plants.
Shelter Gambia
A German based NGO charity helping women who have just been discharged after VVF surgery a chance to recover in a dedicated accommodation in Bakoteh, if necessary with their children, to give them an opportunity to recuperate. Here they receive adequate nourishment, maternal health education as well as learn new skills at a nearby centre.
Site Savers
Sightsavers is a UK charity that has since the 1950s worked with other partners to advocate eye care awareness and worked in rural and urban communities to identify and treat eye problems such as trachoma.

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