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ATM Cash Machines in Gambia
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Automatic Teller Machines:
All the banks in Gambia now have ATM machines which can be used to withdraw money using their custom cash cards. Visa debit cards can be used to withdraw money from ATMs run by the Standard Chartered Bank and Access Bank.

If your funds are sufficient you can withdraw multiple times, with a maximum cash ceiling per withdrawal. A transaction charge is levied each time you take money out. There is a Standard Bank ATM on the Senegambia Strip, in Kololi, opposite the taxi rank and an Access Bank ATM on the Bertil Harding Highway, just south of the Palma Rima Junction.

MasterCard debit and credit cards can be used at GTBank Gambia ATMs situated in the Greater Banjul area. This allows you to make cash withdrawals in Dalasi. There is an ATM on the Senegambia Strip, in Kololi, opposite the taxi rank. You maybe able to use your Visa credit card to make withdrawals at the above banks' counters.

If you visit an ATM machine that happens to have run out of money after banking closing hours then try the next nearest branch. Note that if a cash machine runs out of money at the weekends they are often re-filled by roaming field staff who are automatically alerted of the cash status of each machine.

If you come across something like an 'out-of-order message' or 'cash not available', this in fact may not be the case. It sometimes pays to wait 5 or 10 minutes and the machine could be back up and running and the message is gone. This is sometimes caused by network issues, as a result it might be a good idea to withdraw more than you need and keep a cash sum as an emergency reserve, which you only touch in the event of failure to make a withdrawal at a future time.

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