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Banjul Ferry Terminal Services to Barra
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Contact Address:
The Ferry Service

Liberation Avenue
(Wellington Street)
Banjul, The Gambia
Tel: +220 422 8205
                422 4384
                422 4107
                5710115 (Barra)
Ports Authority


Charges & Opening Hours:
~ D25 per foot passenger
~ D250 for jeeps & cars
Open: 7 am - Closed: 11pm

Local Accommodation:
Apollo Hotel
About 25 per night
33-35 Tafsou Ebou Samba Street
(Buckle St.)
Tel: +220 4228184

  Banjul Ferry Guest House
Liberation Avenue
(Wellington St.)
About 20 per night
Tel: +220 4222028

Laico Atlantic
Tel: +220 4228 601

Barra Hotel
Tel: +220 7795134

The Banjul  to  Barra  Ferry Service is one of the Gambia capital's vital economic lifelines and an essential river crossing to Dakar (Senegal) the north bank wharf town of Barra Point in the Niumi District.

The journey time from the terminal and across the mouth of the Gambia River estuary is about 35 minutes and services start from Banjul at 7am and operate until 9 in the evening.

Note: Once you have paid and entered the departure terminal there is nothing in the way of refreshments and the toilet facilities leave a lot to be desired. So do be prepared. Keep your personal belonging close to you as there are pickpockets who specifically target ferry passengers.   Should you wish to make the trip by pirogue then insist on being provided with a life jacket as this is a mandatory regulation.

There are 3 boats in operation which are the 'Johe', 'Barra' and 'Kanilai' with departures taking place at intervals of every 30 minutes. The 'Johe' and Barra vessels have a maximum passenger capacity of 400 people and 25 vehicles while the Kanilai has 1,200.

There are a further 8 other ferry crossing points up-river. They include (Georgetown) Janjangbureh, Bansang, Barajally, Yellintenda to Bambatenda, Basse, Sankully Kunda, Fatoto and Jarreng.

While on Board:
In November, December & January it's possible to do a little dolphin spotting as schools of them swim on the bow waves of boats. Hawkers ply there trade on trays selling cigarettes, boiled eggs, soft drinks, watches and other items. As you cross you will notice that you are always within site of either shore.

When you arrive at the other side you will see a simple terminal with a market nearby. Take this opportunity to buy some fruit and stock up on bottled water.

Should you wish to make a call when you have docked there is the local Telecentre (Tel: 571 0500).   From there you can then take a taxi northwards (cost about D50) to the border post of Amdallai (also spelt Amdalai, Amdalaye) and onwards to Karang & Dakar. Or north wards to Jinack Island. It is possible to use your mobile phone right up to the border post at Amdalai.

In 2001, the responsibility for operating the ferries department was transferred from the Gambia Public Transport Corporation (GPTC) to the Ports Authority.

On the 24th July 2006 the president directed that a new passenger terminal building be built at a cost of about 10 million Dalasis.

Ferry Charges:
The cost for a one way journey is about D25 for individual passengers and D250 for cars.

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