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Driving Licence for Gambia
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Cost and Issuance:
You can drive legally on an international driving licence from any foreign country and must be over 23 years old, although it might be easier to obtain a Gambian driving licence from the start as this avoids unnecessary dialogue if you are stopped at a police road checking point. The cost of a driving licence, which is renewable annually in January, is about D600.

You will need a passport sized picture and will be asked to sign it when it is ready. Take a photocopy of your driving licence in case it is lost otherwise it will be time consuming to obtain a replacement.

Always keep your Gambian driving licence and your insurance certificate with you in your vehicle as you will need to show these if you are stopped at a police check. However, if you are stopped and are not carrying one you may within 5 days produce the licence to any officer in charge at your nearest police station giving your name and address to the said officer.

Renewals and issuances are carried out by certain police stations. Issuances are carried out under the Principle Licensing Authority, which is located in Banjul, under the Motor Traffic Act (section 27) on a Form F. Drivers of private vehicles belong to group "A".

When you have been handed your renewal do check that the dates are correct as this is the time of the year when mistakes can easily be made.


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