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Duty Free Allowances at Banjul Airport
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Travellers aged 18 or over prior to departing on flights from Banjul International Airport may purchase from the international duty free shopping area  the following products which are tax exempt from customs duties.
1 litre of wine or beer, 1 bottle of spirits
284 ml of eau de perfume or eau de toilette
Goods with a value not in excess of D1,000.

Outside of the personal effects and in accordance with international travel conventions, travellers aged 18 or over arriving in The Gambia are granted the following the following exempt of tax.

A mobile phone / smartphone.
A bottle of eau de perfume or eau de toilette.
A laptop or tablet computer.
A camera / video-camera.
A radio.
Food in quantities matching the personal requirements of the traveler.
Camping equipment such as tents.
2 tennis rackets.
Sports equipment made up of personal items.
1 bottle of wine; 1 bottle of liquor (e.g. whiskey, gin, pastis).
A musical instrument (e.g. , electric guitar, mouth organ).
Personal jewellery in silver or gold or silver, not in excess of 50 grams weight.
1 canoe with a length below 5.5 m.

NB: No guarantee is made as to to the accuracy of the information above. You must confirm all duty exceptions with you travel agent, airline, the Gambian Revenue Authority or an overseas Gambian Embassy or mission.    The above mentioned quantities are fixed per person, (children under 18 years are excluded for alcoholic beverages).

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