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Alhaji Bai Konte
Genre: Afro-Manding Music
Style:  Solo Kora instrumental artist
Jalex  (Akunku)
Genre: Modern Afro music
Type:  Solo singer
Chow Panachie
Style: Reggae
Type: Solo singer
  Jali Nyama Suso
Genre: Kora flute
Style:   Solo player
Da Fugitivz
Genre: Hip hop
Type:   Band
  Junior K
Genre: Ragga
Type:   Solo artist
Da Surgicalz
  Kemba Sussoko
Genre: Afro-Manding Kora
Type:   Soloist
Dancehall Masters
Genre: Rap artists
Type:  Group
  King Marong
Genre: Afro-Manding
Type:   Percussionist
Daniel Jatta
Genre: Jola folk music
Type: Solo Ekonting artist
  Masla Bii (Maslabi)
Genre: Rap, mbalax / salsa, dancehall
Type:   Band
Dembo Jobarteh
Genre: Afro Manding kora music
Type:   Solo artist
  Mystic MC
Genre: Reggae
Type:   Soloist singer
Dr. Shaka
Genre: Reggae
Type:   Solo performer
  Pa Bobo Jobarteh
Genre: Afro-Mandingo
Style: Solo Kora
Freaky Joe see Singateh
Genre: African, hip-hop, raggatone
Type:   Soloist singer
  Pa Omar Jack
Genre: Ndaga, Mbalax
Type:   Solo singer
Foday Musa Suso
Genre: Afro-Manding kora
Type:  Solo Jali artist
  Pencha B
Genre: R&B, rap / ragga & mbalax
Type:   Band
Holy Family Band
Genre: Reggae artists
Style:  Group
  Ranking Fire
Genre: Reggae
Type:   Solo singer
Ifang Bondi (Super Eagles)
Genre: Afro-Manding music
Type: Band
  Rebellion The Recaller
Genre: Reggae
Type:   Solo singer
Jah Bless
  Roots Bongo Band
Genre: Reggae
Type:  Band
Jaliba Kuyateh  
Genre: Kora
Type: Solo maestro
Genre: African, hip-hop, raggatone
Type:   Soloist singer
Other Gambian Musicians:
Abdel Kabir Ngum
Amie Dibba - USA
Jennifer Cooker - Scandinavia
Awa Manneh - Scandinavia
Baby Sowe
3 Families
Ebrima Jobarteh
J News of the Town
Jah Bless
Jah Michael, Aziz
Jai Njai
Jali Nyama Jobarteh
K man G
Koto Ngum
Kunon Jarjutay
Mam Tamsir Njie

Marion, Heartbreaker
Mbye Gaye
Mawdo Suso
Nancy Nanz
Ndey Cham
Njie B
Nyims B JLO
Oumie Ngum
Pepper House Crew
Public Demand
Ranking Fire
Slam G
Sambou Susso
Young Africans
X Soldiers


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