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In 1998 the total road network in Gambia was 3,742 kilometres long consisting of tarmac roads as well as gravel, soil, bridges, feeder and farm roads. The Road Conditions Survey of 1998 showed that only 21% of the road network was in good condition, 33% regarded as fair and 46% as in critical condition.

The network has increased recently due to the construction of Kombo Coastal Roads Project and the Essau to Farafenni stretch with a bridge at Kerewan in the North Bank funded by the Kuwaiti Government. The planned construction of the Serrekunda - Mandina Ba Road (Phase II) jointly funded by the IDB, OPEC and government will further expand the tarmac component.

The med-term aim is to achieve the objectives of the highways transport sub-sector is through private sector and government participation in route rehabilitative maintenance and building. In the long term, the functions of management, growth and roads maintenance will be financed from resources of a special Road Fund and transferred to the Highway Authority.

The total length of the network of roads listed below are 190km of tarmac or paved roads and 66km of graded laterite roads. The estimated cost is over D290 million. These infrastructural developments are vital for the development of the economic sectors of tourism, trade haulage, agriculture,  fisheries and the efficient movement of the labour force.

Road projects completed (1994 to 2007):
Place Names:- Cost Length
  Million Kilometres
Airport Rd.
(dual carriageway in complex)
D4m 2
Army Barracks Rd. D300,000 0.6
Bakau Main Rd. D450,000 2
Basse Main Rd. D3.5m 3.6
Basse to Sabi Rd. D5m 10
Basse to Fatoto Rd. D6.5m 40
Basse to Yorobawol D3m 6
Essau to Kerewan D71m 52
Fatoto to Koina D5.5m 10
Ibo Town D1.2m 1
Kombo Coastal D168m 112
Kotu Silo Rd. D3.02m 2.5
Lamin to Mandinary D10m 7
Latkumba Lowe D4.2m 1.5
Tabokoto to Sinchu Alhagie D8m 5.6
The above  includes conduits.

New / Proposed Roads Cost Length
  Million Kilometres
Barra - Amdalaye D190.8 million 20km
Basse - Sabi D166 million 10.3km
Brikama Darsilami Dimbaya D99 million 11km
Farafenni Laminkoto D660 million 115km
Mandinaba-Selete  D88.92 million 12.7km
Mandinaba - Soma Road  D1.08 billion 142km
Kerewan - Farafenni D360 m 57km
Soma Basse  D486 million 192.2km
Serrekunda Mandinaba D510 million 28km
Trans-Gambia Highway  D252 million 24.4km

On top of the above proposed and new roads and rehabilitations essential bridge crossings have been constructed.

Bridges: D millions
Chamoi 3m
Karansani 2.3
Kerewan Bridge 43
Sare Alpha 2

The above highways and routes come to a total length of over 600 Kilometres of paved or bituminised road and the total cost is estimated to be D3.89 Billion.

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