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Ndaga / Mbalax The Gambian musical scene within Africa has always been extremely vibrant with an intoxicating mix of the Kora (African Harp) with its twisting, winding melodies to the Balafon a kind of glockenspiel which often accompanies the Kora. There are also a few bands playing Ndaga music as well as many up-and-coming local rap, hip hop and reggae  musicians.

Traditional Dynamic and rhythmic dances in Senegal, the most popular of which is called Sabar or Mballax, are performed at any of the celebrations. Additionally, there are other special dances performed during the "Bore" (wrestling matches) on national holidays, and other special occasions.

Rites of passage in Gambia are marked among other things with music and song. The tunes have adapted styles from nearby countries such as Guinea, Senegal and Mali.
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