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NGO Charities in Gambia

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Action Aid /  Sponsor A Child
Action Aid is a UK registered charity that began operating in The Gambia in 1979. The key areas of focus on are health, water, education and livelihoods.
Adventures in Health, Education and Agricultural Development
A charitable organisation, whose headquarters are based in the USA founded to provide people-to-people aid to deprived rural communities to tackle malnutrition, disease, poverty & technological deprivation.
Agency For Village Support
An affiliate of Village AiD UK, has been working with the people of Lower Saloum District in Central River Division North since 1991. It with poor and vulnerable people in particular women.
Animal Care Association
The ACA was set up by a group of like minded people, concerned with the welfare of beach and street animals in The Gambia. The NGO carries out sponsorship and adoption of dogs and cats are most welcome.
Catholic Relief Services
The CRS is an overseas aid relief and development agency whose main mission is improving the health and food security status of Gambian households. It headquarters at at Lexington St. Baltimore.
Child Protection Alliance
An NGO group set up to combat such issues as commercial sexual exploitation of children as well as child abuse by family members and tourists.
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Trust
The project is a charity that cares for and  monitors a population of over seventy chimpanzees living on three islands in the River Gambia National Park.
Concern Universal
CU is focused on addressing the needs of impoverished and isolated rural communities by developing rural incomes that sustain livelihoods, developing people capacity & responding to HIV / Aids.

Derek Bailey Foundation (no: 1079492)
The Derek Bailey Foundation is a charitable organisation started in 2000 with the  objective is to relieve the the poverty and promote education and healthcare of the people of Nyofelleh and the surrounding villages in the Gambia, West Africa.
Foundation For Integrated Rural & Urban Development
FIRUD, in Fajara, is a Non-Governmental Organization whose mission is to overcome poverty by empowering the world's poorest people to gain access to facilities like hygiene, education, agriculture, Vocational training and IT both in rural and urban communities.
Friends of The Gambia Association
A UK charity which aims to relieve pain and suffering in The Gambia, to advance the education of the people of The Gambia & to help communities to help themselves by funding sustainable projects.
Gambian Enterprise
A UK organisation involved with working with the people to improve the quality of their life, and assist to develop sustainable micro-businesses in gardening, poultry and building rehabilitation.
Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust
A UK charity which aims to alleviate the suffering of horses & donkeys in The Gambia who are often used as working animals.
Animal charity who's objectives are to encourage neutering, and help improve the welfare of the dogs & cats.
Gambia Occasional Emergency Support aims at helping the poorest in an emergency – transport to hospitals, cost of medicines, school fees, mosquito nets, repair after floods, or when the breadwinner is too ill to work.
Humanitarian Aid Gambia
The foundation provides assistance to raise living standards of the poor in the form of clothing, solar panels, supporting agricultural projects and health care provision in Somita & Nafugan. NGO number N27

Kingfisher Trust
A charity helping the people of Gambia in poverty alleviation, education & health and where nothing is spent on administration or offices, and all work is undertaken on a completely voluntary basis.
Kotu Trust
The Kotu Trust was registered as a charity in 2006, after 10 years work in The Gambia in an unofficial capacity. The Trust's two main goals are the promotion of education for children and young people, and the relief of poverty.
Lisa Kent Trust
This organisation is a registered charity in the UK and The Republic of The Gambia. It provides schooling for children and young people. It helps the Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery School for Christian and Muslim children aged 3-7 years old situated in a village in the South Kombo area.
Marlborough Brandt Group
UK Charity project established in 1982 linking the people of Marlborough with the people of Gunjur Village, in Kombo South with the core objective of people-to-people exchanges. They also support the Starfish Malaria Project started in June 2007 which aims to reduce the number of reported cases of malaria and deaths from malaria in the same village.
Mechanical Skills Acquisition Center
Registered in The Gambia in 2004, the NGO offers training in all areas of the automotive service and repair industry.
The aim of this project is to help the rural people of Gambia, particularly the Penyem village; to become self-reliant; such as by adult education classes as well as innovative or advanced techniques in agriculture.
The organisation was set up to help alleviate poverty for the people of Sohm, East Kombo district, tackling the problem of street children and donating items for kids in other areas such as school uniforms, rice, learning materials, payment of school fees and medical support.
SOS Children's Villages in Gambia
SOS-Kinderdorf International has been operating in  Gambia since 1980 from its main base in Innsbruck, Austria. Since that time the children's village has grown steadily and has established itself as an important part of local community life. Our buildings & operations are located in Bakoteh.
Vision Development Foundation
A Civil Society Organization (CSO) founded in 2000 and established in 2006, with its secretariat at Banjul and field office at Latrikunda sabiji through the generous support of a Gambian Philanthropist Mr. Momodou Turo Darboe.
Youth hostel and charity website of the Young Men's Christian Association.
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