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  Advertise Your House for Sale
Whether it's an fsbo bungalow, villa or apartment you can submit a listing on our classifieds all your Gambian property information, photos & your contact details. Reach thousands of property buyers worldwide online & get the best price with no estate agents.

  Advertise Your Holiday Home
Whether your vacation lettings is in Kololi, Bijilo, Kerr Serign, Fajara, Kotu, Brufut Gardens, Brusubi, Brikama, Greater Banjul or in other areas of The Gambia you can place listings of your property online.

  Advertise Your Plot of Land For Sale
Whether your plot is in Kerr Serign, Kololi, Brufut Gardens, Sanyang, Gunjur, Kartong or other location in Gambia then you can reach numerous interested buyers who can contact you directly as the owner. Residential or commercial plantations welcome.

  Advertise Your  Business For Sale
Do you run or own a lodge, factory, restaurant, bar, guest house, shop, boutique hotel or other going concern in Gambia? Then you can put up your firm's commercial listing on the online buyers' market now & get the best deal without realtors.

  Advertise Your Commercial Property For Lease
Do you want to lease out a whole lodge,  warehouse, office space, shop, land and any other non-residential buildings? Then this is where you can place your classified to reach potential customers looking to rent commercial buildings in Greater Banjul.

Property Finder 

When posting your information on our property classifieds always give as much detail about the property as possible. Often a potential property buyer might be living outside The Gambia and therefore you need to help them get as much insight about your house, plot, commercial building or going concern.

When pricing your property look at similar properties in your are or sector. If it is a sale then start your asking price at above the market mean and make it negotiable. The same goes for a tenancy lease

When sending photos of houses be sure to include at least 1 each of the following: bathroom, bedroom, lounge, kitchen and garden area. Potential property buyers or lessees will most likely respond to your advert if they get a good first impression.

Disclaimer & Legal Notices
The owner and / or operators of Access Gambia do not accept any responsibility for the veracity or honesty of any person placing a listing on this website. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the veracity of any person or company they are dealing with in relation to real estate or business matters.

You are strongly advised to first seek the services of a lawyer before initiating any real estate transactions or making any decisions regarding a business acquisition.


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