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Agricultural Commercial Near Beach
Fenced Plot (Tujering)
  Location: Tujering (near beach & main rd.)

Price: D480,000 (negotiable)

Size: 20 x 17 sq. metres
Property Description:
A fenced, empty plot in Tujering just off the coastal highway & 10 minutes stroll to the beach. The residential plot has in front of its fence Nawec water & electricity supplies as well as use of a water well on site.
Large Lot in Gunjur
  Location: Gunjur, 200m to the main rd.

Price: Enquire

Size: 86 x 71m x 73m x 93m
Property Description:
A fully fenced empty plot (6,640 m2) fsbo with several small block structures, 2 water wells & many fruit trees. It has plenty of space to build a home & is also suitable for agriculture.
Fenced Land For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign

Price: €22,000

Size: 31 X 21 sq. metres
Property Description:
A fenced & gated empty lot in Gambia's Greater Banjul area measuring 31 x 21 in a quiet residential area. Just outside the plot's perimeter are utilities of Nawec mains water & electricity.
Empty Plot For Sale in Kololi
  Location: Kololi

Price: D2.5 million

Size: 30 x 19 sq. m.
Property Description:
The land for sale in the Western Region of Gambia has a total area of 570 m & is close to restaurants & other amenities. The beach in Palma Rima area is just 10 minutes walk away.
Fully Fenced Empty Plot For Sale
  Location: Bijilo

Price: D450,000

Size: 20 x 20 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an averaged sized lot set in a housing residential area. The grounds have a full height boundary wall & has a total area of 400m.
Land For Sale Near Bijilo Beach
  Location:  Bijilo

Price: D2,300,000

Size: 26.88m x 35.66m x 25.88m x 25.88m
Property Description:
A reasonably affordable fenced lot close to the Atlantic beach in Gambia's West Coast Region (WCR). It makes an ideal property investment. It has an unfinished building to ground slab level.
Plot For Sale in Sanyang Quite Near Beach
  Location:  Sanyang

Price: D900,000

Size: 90 x 37 sq. metres
Property Description:
This is a rare chance for you to buy a beach front plot for sale in Gambia's Sanyang. The total  acreage covered is a generous 1,110m. The grounds is suitable for a home or property investment in lodgings.
Land For Lease in Senegambia TDA
  Location: Kololi

Price: Enquire

Size: 86m x 70m (6020m)
Property Description:
A commercial plot for lease in Gambia's Kololi Tourism Development Area in Senegambia. It can be used to build a holiday lodge, a diner or other tourism related business.
Land For Sale Near Brufut Heights Beach
  Location:  Brufut Heights

Price: €50,000

Size: 46m x 25m
Property Description:
A fully fenced vacant compound near the Atlantic Coast. There is a borehole for use. The area is a nice residential district with lots of cool sea air.
Large Plot of Land For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign

Price: D4.6 million Dalasis

Size: 50 x 45 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a rare chance to buy a large empty lot with plenty of space for 2 modest homes or 1 large house. The listing is in a quiet residential area of Kerr Serign.
Land For Sale in Bijilo
  Location: Bijilo

Price: D650,000

Size: 50 x 18 sq. m.
Property Description:
A long & narrow fully fenced plot available for purchase at a reasonable cost bearing in mind the its prime location Gambia. Nawec mains water & electricity supply nearby.
A Huge Plot For Sale in Gunjur
  Location: Gunjur

Price: D950,000 (or reasonable offers)

Size: 300m x 270m
Property Description:
This is a large piece of empty land for sale in an undeveloped area of the  Kombo South District which is suitable for either residential purposes or investment purposes like a lodge or farmland.
Fenced Brusubi Plot For Sale
  Location:  Brusubi

Price: D950,000

Size: 25 x 25 sq. m.
Property Description:
This bit of real estate is empty, fenced & gated & lies within the Brusubi Housing Estate in Gambia. The listing has access to Nawec mains water & electricity is nearby.
Bargain Land For Sale in Brufut
  Location: Brufut

Price: D180,000

Size: 25 x 20 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an unfenced, low cost allotment in a residential district with nearby Nawec mains water & electricity as well as a borehole & store room.
Land For Sale in Kerr Serign
  Location:  Kerr Serign

Price: D1.8 million

Size: 46m x 27m
Property Description:
An almost empty, fence plot for sale with ample space on the compound. It also has 2 unfinished rooms. Nawec mains water & electricity nearby.
Sea View Plot For Sale
  Location: Batokunku

Price: 45,000

Size: 50 x 50 sq. m.
Property Description:
A great opportunity to buy an Atlantic ocean view land for sale near the beach in Gambia's Batokunku near Tujering. It is partly fenced. The property can comfortably hold 2 buildings.
Bijilo Land For Sale, Fenced
  Location:  Bijilo Heights

Price: D1.3 million

Size: 80 x 27 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is a vacant lot for sale with its own boundary walls in the area known as Bijilo Heights in the West Coast Region.
Large Fenced Land For Sale in Tanji
  Location:  Tanji Village

Price: 22,200

Size: 72.25 x 58.54 sq. metres
Property Description:
A generously sized empty patch with a boundary wall, water well & security house. Ideal as a property investment in Gambia as you can have a home & business on the same lot.
Land For Sale In Brufut Gardens
  Location:  Brufut

Price: 11,250

Size: 23 x 22.50 sq. m.
Property Description:
An average sized prime location empty plot, unfenced, which is behind the AU Villas and is near mains water & electricity supplies.
Big Plot With Unfinished Structure
  Location:  Tanji Village

Price: D5,500,000

Size: 15,925 sq. m.
Property Description:
An large ocean front piece of real estate for sale on the main road with an un-finished building. Potential uses includes residential, commercial or combined uses due to the extensive garden.
Land For Sale in Sanyang
  Location:  Sanyang

Price: D500,000

Size: 200m x 100m
Property Description:
A big unfenced vacant lot for sale in a beautiful locality in southern Gambia,  Kombo South District & just a few compounds away from the main road. Good for a private house or agricultural plot.
Partly Fenced Land For Sale
  Location: Sukuta

Price: 8,333

Size: 22.3m x 19.5m
Property Description:
A partially fenced empty lot which is cleared is 434.85 m. It is 100 metres to the main highway & about 2km to the beach in the Western Region.
Land For Sale Near Brufut Gardens
  Location:  Brufut Village

Price: D600,000

Size: 60 x 30 sq. metres
Property Description:
A large lot available to buy behind TAF Estate in the village. The lot covers a total ground area of 1,800m and is an unfenced compound.
Large Land For Sale in Tujereng
  Location:  Tujering

Price: D850,000

Size: 135 x 100 sq. m.
Property Description:
This is an unfenced, substantial estate in the Western Region of Gambia covering 13,500m in area. It is in a visually attractive part of the country whose grounds wait to be developed.
Land For Sale in Kartong, Fenced
  Location:  Kartong

Price: 55,000

Size: 300 x 53 sq. metres
Property Description:
This is a large, half-fenced empty compound which is on the main coastal road leading to Gunjur in southern Gambia. It can be used for  a home or farmland.
Partly Fenced Plot For Sale in Sukuta
  Location:  Sukuta

Price: D3.8 million

Size: 89m x 43m x 97m x 11.2m
Property Description:
This is a large lot for sale with a 6 bedroom partially finished structure & a large shop space on the side. The fence is up half way to average height.
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