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2 Bedroom Furnished Bungalow For Sale
  Location: Bijilo
Peaceful residential housing area in Greater Banjul
Price: 47,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Mains electricity & water
A budget priced, affordable furnished house for purchase with swimming pool too! The Master bedroom is en-suite & the 2 guest rooms share bathing facilities. The residence has a lounge & dining, fitted kitchen & reserve water tank.
4 Apartments & 2 Storey House
  Location: Brufut
In Brufut Village area & not far from coastal highy
Price: 160,000 (All 4 apartments & storey house)
Bedrooms:  5  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 5   |  Utilities: All
Here is an opportunity to purchase 4 holiday apartments with a large pool as a going concern. There is also a 2 storey self-contained house which can be used as the owner's accommodation or converted into 2 flats.
6 Bedroom House For Sale (also a guest house)
  Location: Kololi
Near Palma Rima hotel on a quiet residential road
Price: 175,000
Bedrooms:  6  |  Land Size: 32x21 max 32x1 m
Bathrooms: 6  |  Utilities: Water & electricity
This is a 6 bedroomed villa / guest house with a tropical garden with bar set in a residential area of Kololi, 100 metres from restaurant & shops & just 5 minutes walk to the sandy beach. *Sold partly furnished. *Consider UK house swap.
5 Bedroom Unfurnished House For Sale
  Location:  Sukuta Nema
Price: D3,750,000
Bedrooms:  5  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: All
This is a spacious, unfurnished, well kept property with a landscaped garden & plenty of storage rooms. It has a wide hallway, fully fitted kitchen and a boy's quarters with its own wc & shower.
3 Bedroom Unfurnished House For Sale
  Location: Kololi
Near to beach area on quiet, peaceful dirt road.
Price: €90,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: 36 x 43 x 38 x 36 sq. m
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Mains water & electricity
The unfurnished building is situated in a serene location in Gambia yet just 10 minutes walk to the beach & near shops. The main feature is it's ample sized garden. It has a lounge, dining area, kitchen, veranda, & kids play area.
House For Sale in Kotu
  Location: Kotu
100 metres to Palma Rima Hotel's main road on Bertil Harding Highway.
Price: €70,000
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 18.90 x 13.50 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 1  |  Utilities: Mains water & electricity
This is a chance to purchase an unfurnished bungalow in Gambia which has a modern fitted kitchen, 1 guest toilet, dining area, a small garden with fruit trees & parking for 2 cars. The accommodation is in a quiet residential area.
5 Bedroom Unfurnished House For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign
Quiet residential area, few mins. to Kombo Coastal Rd
Price: 65,000
Bedrooms:  5  |  Land Size: Large
Bathrooms: 4  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
This is an unfurnished, well maintenanced part storey building with 4 bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen, lounge with AC / fan, boys quarters, spacious garden with mature fruit trees, borehole, water tank, generator house.
Number Six Bamboo
  Location: Brufut
Residential area, 10 mins drive to main coastal rd.
Price: 27,000 (ONO)
Bedrooms: 3 (2 en-suite)
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Nawec elec., borehole
This is an unfurnished bungalow for sale in a serene area with a shared swimming pool. There are fruit trees in the garden, a shaded seating area and 24 hour security on site.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Brufut Gardens Estate
Within a gated housing community with street lights & access roads.
Price: $107,000
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 375m2
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: All grid water, electricity
The vacant possession house is being sold as unfurnished in this west coast region of Gambia, Africa. There are 3 bedchambers with own bathrooms, lounge, fitted kitchen, guest toilet, gazebo, large garden & swimming pool.
2 Apartments For Sale
  Location:  Senegambia (Kololi)
The condos  are in a prime location in Senegambia
Price: 130,000 (negotiable)
Bedrooms:  1 & 2  |   Land Size:
Bathrooms: 1  |  Utilities: Nawec electricity & water
In a prime location the two private flats are in a storey building & are being sold together. The ground floor has 2 bedrooms & upstairs has 1. Each has a bathroom, living room with kitchenette area.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Brufut Heights
   300 metres from the main highway.
Price: D2.5 million
Bedrooms:  2  |   Land Size: 25 x 16 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Water & borehole
Here is an opening to buy a newly built 2 bedroom house in Gambia with a tiled roof terrace. The bungalow has a modern fitted kitchen, raised dining area, lounge with 1 en-suite bathroom & 1 guestroom.
4 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location:  Fajara M Section
Quiet residential street near amenities like mini-markets & restaurants.
Price: D4,250,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size: 30 x 25  sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: All
A well presented four roomed family bungalow available to buy which is fairly near to the Leybato beach in Gambia's Fajara. The 3 guest rooms share a bathroom while the master is en-suite. It also has a living room, kitchen & car parking.
4 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location: Kololi
Quiet residential area.
Price: 4,180,000
Bedrooms:    |  Land Size:
Bathrooms:   |  Utilities:
Near the beach in Kololi this unique unfurnished property is professionally finished, has a kitchen, lounge, 2 bathing rooms, garages for 2 cars, reserve water tank, watchman's room with own WC.
3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom Bungalow
  Location: Bijilo
Residential area of Greater Banjul & minutes walk to Bijilo beach.
Price: 65,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: 30 x 30 sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Mains electricity & water
A standard built empty house for sale in Gambia near to amenities. There is 1 en-suite master, a kitchen, 2 lounges, a kitchen & store, a car garage. The property is built to European standards with sleeping quarters on sides of the hallway.
3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Kerr Serign
Price: D3,500,000 GMD
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec electricity & water
This is a standard sized Gambian  compound. The semi-furnished house has 1 en-suite bedroom, 1 shared bathroom, modern kitchen & store, lounge, fans, dining area, watchman's room with toilet, landscaped garden & generator house.
4 Bedroom Luxury Villa For Sale
  Location: Bijilo
400 metres to main road & 200 metres to the beach
Price: D8,000,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 4  |  Utilities: Borehole supply
A sumptuous furnished villa located near the beach with Atlantic ocean views. All sleeping rooms are en-suite & there is a cotemporary kitchen, spacious lounge with dining area, luxury bathrooms as well as a swimming pool on the premises.
Madiana Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Madiana Village
Behind Brufut with good road links in all directions
Price: €59,000
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 24 x 36 sq. metres
Bathrooms: 1  |  Utilities: Water borehole, solar
This recently built abode in Gambia is in a savannah bungalow design with a sitting room, kitchen, front veranda & has 1 shared bathing room. There is a small outhouse, but the garden needs work. There is potential for other buildings on the plot.
3 Bedroom House in Senegambia For Sale
  Location: Kololi
Kombo Coastal Rd near Senegambia Strip Junction
Price: 264,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: 30 x 50 sq. metres
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Mains electricity & water
This is a furnished bungalow for sale with a lounge, fully fitted kitchen, dining room, ACs in all rooms, a water tank, backup generator, solar panels, garden with fruit trees, a well with pump & watchman's quarters.
3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Old Yundum
Western Region
Price: 43,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
This listings is a 3 bedroom house in Old Yundum in the Yarambamba Estate in the Kombo North District. It has 1 master, 2 guestrooms, sitting room / dining area, modern kitchen & small garden.
4 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
100 metres behind the Coconut Residence.
Price: €115,000
Bedrooms:  4  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Water & electricity
A quality, well maintained, air conditioned 4 bedroom house for sale near the Kombo Coastal Road. It has a sitting room, kitchen, sleeping rooms, boy's quarters with shower & WC, water tank & pump, garden, trees & generator house.
5 Bedroom Furnished House For Sale
  Location:  Senegambia (Kololi)
Near the Bertil Harding Highway.
Price: 88,000
Bedrooms:  5  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 5  |  Utilities: Nawec water, electricity
This is a large, family residential domicile set in a mature tropical garden & just 100 metres to the Senegambia Highway. It has a fully fitted kitchen, dining room, store, guest toilets, boy's quarters, reserve water & laundry room.
3 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale in TAF
  Location:  Brufut Gardens Estate
Within a quiet gated community.
Price: D2,700,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Grid electricity, water
An affordable, standard Gambian dwelling for sale in the TAF Brufut Gardens Housing Estate with an en-suite master bedchamber, timber fitted kitchen, guest toilet, small porch & a small garden with paving.
3 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location:  Cape Point, Bakau
A 3 minute distance to the beach.
Price: 125,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
A traditional bungalow with a large living room, dining area, clean fitted kitchen, built-in closets, nicely tiled shower rooms & spacious garden with lawns. The building is close walking distance to the beach.
3 Bedroom House For Sale
  Location: Bijilo
Quiet residential area on a cul-de-sac
Price: 75,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size:
Bathrooms: 3  |  Utilities: Nawec power & water
The property is an unfurnished house on a secluded road. It has some air-conditioning, ceiling fans, hall, dining area, fitted kitchen, lounge, 1 master bedroom, 2 guestrooms, a car port & mature garden with bantaba, trees & shrubs.
3 Bedroom Fully Furnished House For Sale
  Location:  Kololi
Quiet residential area & near to amenities.
Price: 130,000
Bedrooms:  3  |  Land Size: spacious
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Solar powered & water
The listed property is situated not far from the Senegambia area & main highway. The guest rooms have built in wardrobes & other furniture, there is a sitting room, dining area, fully fitted kitchen, neat garden & terrace.
2 Bedroom Bungalow For Sale
  Location:  Bijilo
Just off Sukuta Highy in quiet residential area
Price: 44,000 (negotiable)
Bedrooms:  2  |  Land Size: 30 x 25  sq. m.
Bathrooms: 2  |  Utilities: Nawec water & electricity
A desirable, budget priced, fully furnished house in a tranquil residential location in Gambia. The sleeping rooms are tastefully furnished with double beds, there is a fully fitted kitchen, lounge, dining area & 2 en-suite rooms.
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