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Environment & Conservation in Gambia

Eco-Tourism     Nature Reserves  (Information pages)
African Conservation
News about various conservation projects being conducted in The Gambia.
Ballabu Conservation Project
The area project would assign 14 Gambian villages a community forest park to manage, as well as some form of industry such as recycling plants, eco-lodges, skills centres, livestock or agriculture.
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project
One of the longest running chimp rehabilitation projects in Africa. They care for and  monitor a population of over seventy chimpanzees occupying three islands in the River Gambia National Park.
Listings of endangered species in Gambia.
Coastal & Marine Eco-Systems
An NEA project to protect and conserve bio-diversity, marine & fisheries production.
Darwin Initiative
The Field Station is a project which aims to promote and encourage local biodiversity research in  Gambia and increase the ability of local people to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way.
Environmental Awards Scheme
The objectives of the scheme are to increase awareness, to promote public participation, to promote the use of environmentally friendly technologies, and to give recognition to individual / community endeavours in environmental management.
Farasuto Forest Park
An area of 'wet evergreen forest' composed of towering trees with buttress roots, low visibility, high humidity and dense greenery.

Food & Agricultural Organization
Reports and statistical data on The Gambia's agriculture, fisheries, forests and sustainable development.
Forest Cover
Information about the current forest cover and the annual change including deforestation rate, loss of primary forests, forest classifications and land cover.
Forestry Articles
Various published bulletins and articles from the World Rainforest Movement.
Gambia Community Conservation Project
Community projects sponsored by Exmoor Falconry, to help create natural habitat for the wildlife and birds of the Gambia, and to derive a sustainable income for village communities.
Gambia Environment
The environmental concerns of the country include deforestation, desertification, and water pollution. Deforestation is the most serious problem, with slash-and-burn agriculture the principal cause.
Gambia Reptiles Farm
Located in a forest near Kartong beach see a collection of Gambian reptiles snake, chameleons, turtles, lizards and others animals.
Geographical statistics
Information about the physical characteristics of the country, the river, plant and animal life and settlement patterns.
GIS for Climate Change Analysis in Africa
Diagram illustrating potential rising sea levels in Banjul.
Land & Water Resources
A report by the FAO on the country's geographical land use, water use such as irrigation, drainage & the water table.
Makasutu Wildlife Trust
Located at the Darwin Initiatives Field Station at Abuko.
Paper Recycling Project
The aim behind the charity is to introduce the traditional skill of papermaking to assist a number of students with their supply of books for school. They are working to develop a paper recycling site in Fajikunda village that should bring like minded environmentally conscious crafts people together, in what has been nicknamed ‘the Craft Village’.
Participatory Integrated Watershed Management Project
PIWAMP is a government and internationally co-founded project whose objectives are to increase land productivity and reduce soil erosion in a sustainable basis.
Project Plants Stop The Sahara
PSTS's aim is to protect the country from the effects of climatic change as a result of encroachment of the Sahara Desert. To achieve this it aims to create a green border on the northern part of the Gambia by carrying out a tree planting project which plants mahogany, mango, orange, mandarin, lime, avocado, moringa, eucalyptus, Jatropha Curcas and others to generate income as well as income generation like beekeeping. Their pilot areas are Ballie in the North Bank and Sifou in the South Bank of the Gambia River. The aim of the project
Protected Areas of The Gambia
Information about the various national parks.
State of the Environment in Gambia
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