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Environment & Conservation in Gambia

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Government Departments
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Ethical-Tourism    Environmental Protection NGOs    Nature Reserves
Ballabu Conservation Project
The area's project assigns 14 villages a community forest park to be locally managed, as well as some form of industry such as recycling plants, eco-lodges, skills centres, livestock or agriculture.
Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project
The project, which has a lodge, is one of the longest running chimp rehabilitation projects in Africa. They care for and  monitor a population of over 70 chimpanzees occupying three islands in the River Gambia National Park.
Darwin Initiative
The 'Darwin Field Station for Biodiversity & Research' is a project which aims to promote and encourage local biodiversity research in  Gambia and increase the ability of local people to manage their natural resources in a sustainable way.
Food & Agricultural Organization
The FAO provides reports and statistical data on agriculture, fisheries, forests and sustainable development.
Forestry Sector
This article provides information about the forest cover, deforestation, mangrove systems, farmers' attitudes and international conventions.
Makasutu Wildlife Trust
Located at the Darwin Initiatives Field Station at Abuko its aim is to protect wildlife habitats and ecosystems and to promote greater awareness about the significance of conservation, biodiversity and its sustainable use.
Brufut Woods Community Project
Located in Brufut, this is a locally managed conservation area in partnership with the West African Bird Study Association (WABSA). It aims to help create natural habitat for the wildlife and birds of the Gambia, and to derive a sustainable income for village communities.

See also Georgraphy & Nature
See also CITES It has listings of endangered species in Gambia.

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