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Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS)
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Contact Address Details:
Gambia Bureau of Statistics
Head Office
Kanifing Institutional Layout Sector
P.O. Box 3504,  Serrekunda

Kanifing Municipal Area, Ksmd, Kmc
Greater Banjul
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no: +220 4377849

Fax:              4377848


Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8am to 6pm
Friday, Saturday and Sunday: Closed for business


The Gambia Bureau of Statistics is the national statistical office for The Gambia.

GBOS was founded by the powers vested under the Statistics Act of 2005. The Act makes provision for compilation, analysis, abstraction, and statistical information and related matters. The Acts establishes the Government Statistician, under the direct control and superintendence of the government, with the following functions:

1. Advice government on statistics

2. Collects, stores, measures, analyzes and publishes statistical data, social, demographic, and economic statistics pertaining to the to the populace.

3. Carry out sample surveys and census in The Gambia

4. Organise co – coordinated scheme of socio – economic statistics relating to The Gambia

5. Publish socio–economic data on The Gambia permitted.

Their statistical databases include:

Organisational structure and finance.
In order to allow for the development of the National Statistics System and to make sure that quality statistics are published, GBoS approved on creating the following departments:

Coordination and Distribution

Administration and Finance

Supporting Services

National Accounts

Prices & Costs

Social Statistics


The CEO is the Statistician General assisted by a Deputy Statistician General and a Director heads each department.

The funding source of the bureau is money derived from occasionally by the nation's parliament, grants, gifts and donations from sources approved by the Secretary of State for Finance and Economic Affairs, in accordance with specified terms and conditions.

Main functions:
The Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBoS) draws it mandate from the Statistics Act 2005.

The GBOS headquarters is located in the specially reserved Kanifing Institutional Layout which is just off the Bertil Harding Highway. From the Serrekunda/Brikama highway take the road from the Kairaba Avenue up to the Pipeline Mosque then turn right on the main road which goes to GTMI up to the point where the road joins the Bertil Harding Highway. Turn right and the GBOS building is on your left hand side. From the Tourism area at the Kairaba Police traffic light take the Bertil Harding Highway toward Banjul up the point where the Kairaba Avenue Mosque  road joins the main road. Turn right on the road almost parallel to the highway. The GBOS building is on your left. From Banjul branch off at Sting Corner and take the road leading to Bakau New Town. Turn left on the Bertil Harding Highway (Coastal Road) up the point where the Pipeline Mosque / GTMI route meets the highway then take the road on your far left and you will see the GBOS building is on the left.

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