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Ministry of Justice in Gambia
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Contact Address Details:
Ministry of Justice
Banjul capital office

Attorney General's Chambers
Marina Parade
The Gambia, West Africa

Tel no:  422 5352
             422 7380 (Judicial secretary)
             422 7238

Fax:      422 9908


Business Registration
Marina Parade, East Building

The Registrar of Trademarks and Patents


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Background Information:
The MOJ in Banjul is headed by the AG and Minister of Justice and deputized by the Solicitor General, Deputy Permanent Secretary and the Legal Secretary. The Ministry currently has six Departments, each headed by a Director, and these are: Civil Litigation, Curator of Interstate Estate, Legislative Drafting, Criminal Division, Registrar General Companies in the Republic of The Gambia that handles business registrations.

It is also within these Ministry of Justice premises that couples can carry out the registration and conduct Civil marriages in Banjul.  The unit also issues Bachelor's and Spinster's Certificates.

The departments line agencies are the Gambia Law Reform Commission, the National Council for Law Reporting, the Alternative Disputes Resolution Secretariat and the Legal Aid Secretariat.

The departments / units are the Criminal Division, Civil Litigation and International Law Division, Legislative Drafting, Registrar General, Companies and the Curator of Interstate Estate.

In the future the Ministry of Justice has a policy to deliver legal services directly to the rural population. This would involve the building of offices and housing for officials, the provision of office supplies and equipment as well as the assigning of lawyers to the various Regions of The Gambia.


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