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Contact Office Address Details:

Gambia Observer Co. Ltd.
Banjul area

Gacem Road
Kanifing Industrial Estate
PMB 131, Banjul
Gambia, West Africa

Telephone number:
 +220 4399802  (Editorial)
          4399803  (Advertising dept.)
          890 5021 (Hotline)
Fax:   4399340



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The Gambia Daily Observer Newspaper Company Limited was the Gambia's first national newspaper and is a privately owned tabloid sized daily with a printed and an online edition.

The daily contains news articles covering current events, editorial section, obituaries, health, education, diplomatic suite and sports columns.

It was incorporated in 1992 by its previous owner who is a Liberian journalist Kenneth Best. It has approximately 50 members of staff. The paper's online edition can be found at

The company also produces special printing services to utilize some of its excess capacity in the form of Letterpress, Offset press, cards, leaflets, journals, posters and books.

Its retail price is D10 per copy and it is distributed widely in all the major supermarkets. The managing director and editor-in-chief is Mr. Dida Halake and the proprietor of the Observer Newspaper Ltd. is Mr. (Amadu) Amadou Samba.


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