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Groundnuts in Gambia

  Farming of Groundnuts
As soon as the rains start the land is ploughed and the seed-nuts are sown. They are often joined by the nawettanes from Guinea, Senegal and Mali.

  GreenTech Gambia Company Limited
Kanifing Industrial Estate
...aims to supply households and businesses with solid biomass for fuel in the form of briquettes and other alternative fuels.....Composed of crushed & densely pressed biomass, typically groundnut shells.

  Spinach Stew - Plasas
4. 2 hot chili peppers
5. 1 large onion, chopped
6. 1/4 cup groundnut paste (peanut butter)...

  Ingo International Ltd.
...a business start-up consultancy.....Examples of the kinds of machinery includes semi automatic filling machine, liquid packing machines - 3 & 4 sided, groundnut decorticating machines,...

  Sangol Farms Ltd.
Bakau, Banjul area
The company has a retail garden centre and is a wholesale importer and dealer of agricultural inputs...
Groundnut Fumigants PP and Jute Bags...

  GamVeg Oil Gambia Limited
Kanifing Industrial Estate
...good quality vegetable cooking oils. The processing plant uses the latest process to extract oil, particularly from groundnuts, to extract the  vegetable oils.



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