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Broadcasting Sector in Gambia
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Overview of the Broadcasting Industry:
The government operates the only national television station. The Gambia Radio and Television Service has just one terrestrial channel covering most of the country.

Most transmitters lie in the coastal region, in the Kombo St. Mary area, in which the largest city Serekunda lies, as well as in the capital Banjul. Apart from the office language English is transmitted in the different national languages such as Mandinka, Fulfulde, Wolof, Diola or Soninke.



There are other television companies broadcasting via subscription services.

The BBC and CNN is sometimes re-broadcasted by satellite stations and the small radio stations.

Radio Syd - private station; the original Radio Syd broadcast from a ship anchored off Sweden in the mid 1960s. Radio Syd's Swedish owner was given a licence to broadcast in Gambia in 1970. It is now off the air.

Radio Gambia - national broadcaster, broadcasting in English and vernacular languages on FM and MW.

There are five community radio stations. Brikama, Farafenni, Basse, Kerewan and Yirriwa community radio and their programmes cover issues based around community awareness.

Vinasha Productions Ltd. is a small film maker.

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