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Information Guide:
There are over 10 seasonal chartered and scheduled flights to Banjul Airport (BJL) from several UK and EU airports. The flight duration from Western Europe is about 6 hours. Travellers can choose to buy flight only or flight and hotel accommodation which could be done independently or via a package holiday tour operator.

The Gambia's tourist season starts around mid-October and ends in May, though you can still find some scheduled chartered tourist flights up to the end of June. Some airlines fly throughout the summer months such as Brussels Airlines and The Gambia Experience which regularly partners with reputable carriers to offer flights in the months of June, July, August and September.

Airfares to Banjul (Yundum) are at their costliest during Christmas and the New Year, with somewhat lower airfares during the Easter holidays. The lowest prices could be had between June to mid-October, which coincides with the humid rainy season.

The majority of holidaymakers or short-term visitors from Europe and the USA come to The Gambia on charter flights, which are generally cheaper than the scheduled airlines. However they have set departure and return dates and cancellation penalties could be pricey.

If you are intending on travelling independently for the duration of your trip, you may find it more cost-effective, as well as less hassle, to buy a low-cost package from a tour operator. Date flexibility on your part can help you get a package for less than the cost of a flight only package to Banjul International.

Flights from UK:
The simplest way to get to The Gambia is by tourist charter flight. There are frequent direct services to Banjul International Airport from London Gatwick (LGW) and some from Heathrow. During the tourist season there are charter flights from Birmingham and Manchester. Do try to look out for special promotions which are occasionally offered to fill empty seats during the tail end of the holiday season and the summer months. Some of the carriers departing from UK airports are Thomas Cook Airlines, Small Planet Airlines, Royal Air Maroc and Titan Airways.

Flights from EU:
There are available direct chartered flights to Banjul International Airport from Amsterdam-Schiphol Barcelona, Copenhagen, Madrid, Oslo and Stockholm-Arlanda. Most direct scheduled flights are from Brussels; one could fly to Brussels Zaventem Airport and make your connecting journey to The Gambia.

It may be worthwhile looking into scheduled routes that go through other West African countries that sometimes involve a stopover. For example there are many choices for travelling to Banjul via Ghana, Nigeria or Senegal if you are commencing your journey from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Scandinavia, France or Switzerland. The majority of European cities offer direct flights to at least one West African airport which go to Banjul.

Dakar airport (Leopold Sedar Senghor International) is the closest international airport to Banjul and is a travel hub to over 20 inbound and outbound cargo and passenger airlines. Among these are Lufthansa, Emirates, Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines and Air France (partners) as well as the domestic Senegal Airlines.

If you are coming from Ireland you could fly to Gatwick, Manchester or Birmingham then take a charter to Banjul or use a scheduled flight via one of the West African countries.

Flights from USA / Canada:
If you are coming to Banjul from North America you should consider going by charter on a discounted transatlantic air ticket to London. You might also consider going to The Gambia via Brussels or Amsterdam for example and then onto Banjul; sometimes there is a short stopover in Dakar. If you want to expand your options of European departure points then consider flights going to other West African destinations en-route onto Banjul.

Online Flight Reservations:
There are numerous discount travel websites and airlines that offer you the chance to reserve your airline ticket online. Good deals can sometimes be had via airlines', budget or flight auction websites.

Carbon Offset Schemes:
The way such schemes work is that you contribute a reasonable small amount of money which is invested into schemes which for example encourage better energy efficiency or tree planting projects.

It has become increasingly complicated to figure out which travel firm is the one selling you a holiday due to the various vertical and horizontal and takeovers, alliances, and mergers over the years. Options for consumers has been reduced, particularly for travellers from Europe, as independent travel agents have been squeezed within the travel market.

[The information above should not be relied upon to make any travel decisions. You should get flight advice for The Gambia from your tour operator, travel agent or air carrier.]

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