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Tour Operators From The Netherlands To Gambia

  Atuu Travel
The tour company offers trips to 18 African countries such as Gambia, Botswana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Sudan, Senegal & other resorts on the continent.
Jiba is a direct seller of package holidays to Gambia as it works exclusively as an online travel company dealing directly with their customers. Its winter destinations includes Banjul, Canary Islands, Portugal & Morocco.

They offer the choice of flying on different days and booking different classes of seat such as economy or premium class. Accommodation is available in the major resort areas. Membership of ANVR, SGR, Calamiteitenfonds.

They offer up to 20 types of accommodation in the popular tourist areas such as Brufut Heights Gambia Coral Beach Hotel and Spa.) in Kotu (Bungalow Beach Hotel).

The tour operator from the Netherlands makes regular departures to Gambia during the winter holiday season. Other destinations are Trinidad & Tobago, Antigua, Puerto Rico, Barbados, Seychelles, Costa Rica & others.

Sudtours operate package tours to Gambia for Dutch nationals for stays in Bijilo, Brufut Heights, Kololi & Kotu. Its charter flights to Banjul Airport are with low-cost airline Transavia.

An accredited member of IATA it offers 9 hotels on the beach areas of the Smiling Coast of Africa.

Using the charter airline Transavia it books people to the Kombo Beach Hotel, Riyan Apartments, Golden Beach Hotel, Gambia Coral Beach Hotel & Spa, Bijilo Beach, Lemon Creek, and Bungalow Beach.

Travelpoort are travel specialists to Gambia and an an independent tour operator based in the Netherlands with an office in Kololi on the Bertil Harding Highway.

Above you will find each companies' information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, websites & main locations in Holland.

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