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How To Send Money To Gambia From USA, UK & EU
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Methods of Money Transfer To Gambia:
There are currently many ways for sending money to Gambia in West Africa. The methods differ depending on which one of the international money transfer companies you decide to use.

Western Union:
WU is the largest money transfer company in the world with 500,000 Western Union agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. There are several ways available for wiring money to Gambia using Western Union; the ways may vary depending on whether you are sending money to Gambia from the UK, USA or the EU etc.

Money in Minutes service
This is an in-person method via visiting an agent and is the most commonly used main method of sending money transfers to Banjul. It means the time the receiver can collect their cash is around 10 minutes of the money wire.

Step 1
Find a Western Union agent location near you using their Find Locations.

Step 2
Fill in the Send Money section of the form and choose Cash Pickup and Money in Minutes. You may request to give a secret question and answer for extra security.

Step 3
Give your agent the completed form with the required funds (as well as the transaction fee) in cash.

Step 4
Keep your receipt and WU tracking number (MTCN). The receiver of the funds will need the tracking number to pick up the cash and you may need to track your transfer online.

Send Money Online
Note: The first thing you have to do is to make sure you are already registered with Western Union. If you are not then you can register fee online. Make sure you have some valid ID nearby. You can send money online to Gambia by Western Union 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from your laptop computer, tablet or smartphone device. (Make sure you are using a secure link).

Sending Money Online From The UK by Western Union
Step 1
Log in to your profile or sign up for an account online.

Step 2
Start a transaction, enter Gambia as the destination and amount.

Step 3
For "Delivery method" choose "Cash".

Step 4
Pay with your Visa Credit Card, MasterCard, Maestro or Visa Debit (Delta and Visa Electron) or pay via bank transfer (SOFORT).

Step 5
You'll get a confirmation by email. Save the tracking number (MTCN) to share with your receiver for pickup. The receiver can pick up the money in Dalasi at a Western Union agent location in The Gambia.

Sending Money Online From The USA by Western Union
Step 1
Log in to your profile or sign up for an account online.

Step 2
Choose their Money in Minutes service.

Step 3
Enter your receiver's name and address.

Step 4
Pay using your debit or credit card (issued by a bank in the United States).

Step 5
You'll get a confirmation by email. Keep the tracking number (MTCN) to give to your receiver for local pickup.

*The other methods which may be available are: Three-day service, WU Pay (pay with your bank account), payment into a bank account - remit money directly to your receiver's bank account.

Money Into A Bank Account
This method also involves going to a Western Union agent in person and handing over the funds to transfer.

1) Find the nearest agent location to you.

2) Fill in the Send Money Form, including recipient's bank and account information. Check what specific information is required.

3) Give your agent the completed form with the necessary funds (as well as the transaction fee) in cash.

4) Keep your receipt which also has the tracking number (MTCN).

5) The money you sent will be deposited into the recipient's bank account, usually between 1 to 3 bank working days, depending on the destination country.

Founded in 1940 MoneyGram International Limited provides  worldwide money transfer and cash collection via over 340,000 agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. *Among the various ways available to send money are in person at an agent location, mobile and online money transfer and channels.

Send Money Via MoneyGram Agent
The things you'll need to get started are:
a) Money to transfer either in cash, debit or credit card.
b) The recipients full name.
c) Some form of acceptable ID and maybe a recent utility bill.

Step 1
Locate and physically visit a MoneyGram agent nearest you. You can find your closest agent by using their Agent Locator.

Step 2
Fill in the Send Form with your details and the receiver's details.

Step 3
Give the Send Form to the MoneyGram Agent.

Step 4
As soon as your transaction is processed, you'll be given a transaction Reference Number. It is important that you now give the receiver this Reference Number so they can collect the cash in The Gambia.

In most cases the money can be collected by the receiver in around 10 minutes. The time can vary depending on the overseas agent's opening hours.

Send Money Online
The things you'll need to get started are:
a) An official photo ID, e.g. national ID card, passport or residence permit
b) Your payment details such as amount you want to send and where etc.
c) The recipient's first name and surname.

Step 1
If you are sending money online from the UK then visit the website, and go to the Send Online page. If you sending money from the USA or other country then visit the website , choose your country, then find the Send Online page.

Step 2
From the Send To drop down menu choose the country 'Gambia', then choose the Receive option, then the Currency option, and the amount of money you want to remit. Then click the link to go to the next page. The money Transfer Fee should be visible.

Step 3
Choose a payment method (credit / debit card or bank account) or verify if already checked. Then proceed to the next page.

Step 4
Enter the receiver's details and your payment information.
NB: You may need to contact your credit card company in advance to confirm whether you can send money online via MoneyGram.

Step 5
Check your transaction information and click the Submit button. Usually your money will be available for pick-up in around 10 minutes (subject to opening hours of the local agent in Gambia).

Once your money transfer has been wired, you will be sent an email alert instructing you to log into you account. Once you have logged into you account, you will find the Reference Number for your money transfer order under Recent Activity. Give this number to the receiver so they can pick-up their cash.

Ria Financial Services:
Ria was established in 1987 in New York and is currently the third largest money transfer company in the world, with a worldwide agent network of over 230,000 locations in over 120 countries around the globe. Since its founding the company has provided fast, reliable and secure money transfer services utilising state-of-the-art technology. The company is now the the money transfer division of Euronet Worldwide, Inc., a leading electronic payments provider.

Send Money Via Ria Financial Services Agent

Step 1
The first thing you need to do is find a Ria agent nearest you by visiting then click on the Find a Location link. Then fill in the country and city fields.

Step 2
Visit your nearest Ria Agent and fill out their send money form.

Step 3
Hand over the cash which you want sent, as well as the service fee.

Step 4
Your remittance order will be entered into their computer system for fast handling at their Order Processing Center.

Step 5
You will be given a receipt with a special tracking number. Once the transaction has cleared, the order is sent to the correspondent agent in Banjul. Among these are Fibank, AGIB, Zenith Bank, Bayba Financial Services, Trust Bank, ICB, Gampost (Bakau) and Keystone Bank.

Step 6
The sender tells the receiver the pin number and that the cash is ready to be picked up and can be paid out after they have shown the cashier a valid form of ID.

NOTE: The person sending money to Gambia can monitor the progress of a money transfer on the internet online. Recipients can receive their Dalasi in around 15 minutes.

Among the well known MoneyGram agents in the UK are the following: Post Office, Thomas Cook, Tesco, Speedy Cash, MoneyCorp, Debenhams, Lebara Money, Guernsey Post, Jersey Post, EzRemit Money Transfer, UKash, Dawson Foreign Exchange Services, ChangeGroup, International Money Express (IME).

Send Money Online
If you are interested in using Ria Financial Services for sending money online from the U.S. to any one of their locations then visit You can transfer funds via a bank account, credit or debit card. The receiver can collect the money either into a bank account in around 4 working days locally or as a cash pick-up on the same day.

*Various methods may not be available in The Gambia at this time. Do check with on your local Western Union or MoneyGram website for your country.

How can you protect yourself?
Help Prevent Consumer Fraud by thinking through these questions:

Are you responding to a phone or internet offer that you aren't sure is honest?

Are you sending money to a claim prize or lottery winnings, or on a promise of receiving a large amount of money?

Are you sending money to someone you don't know or whose identity you can't confirm?

Are you sending money because you were "guaranteed" a loan or credit card?


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