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Gambian Passports (Gambia Immigration Department - GID)
Ministries   Immigration Department
* The following information is from the GID - 2012.

A valid Gambian passport is a document referring to the person producing the same, furnished with a photograph of such person and issued to him by or on behalf of the Gambia, for a period of which according to the laws of the Gambia has not expired, establishing the identity of the person to whom it refers to the satisfaction of the Director General of Immigration and issued under his hand.

When generally defined, a valid Gambian passport is an internationally recognized Travel Document attesting to the Identity and Nationality of the bearer.

Types of Passports:
• Diplomatic Passport (Colour: Red): - This category is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and printed by the Gambia Immigration Department. Diplomatic Passports are issued to prominent government official.

• Service Passport (Colour: Navy Blue):- Is also issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to government officials under the services of the Gambia Government.

• Ordinary Passport (Colour: Green):- Is issued to the general citizenry who do not fall in either categories mentioned above.

Validity of The Gambian Passport:
All Gambian passports are valid for a period five years from the date of issue as indicated on the Bio-Data Page of the passport. However, Diplomatic and Service passports cease to be valid if the person in whose respect the passport was issued is no longer employed in the services of the Gambia Government.

Applying For Gambian Passport:
Passport Requirements

• applicant must be a Gambian citizen

• applicant must fill out the passport application form

• applicant must attach two recent passport size photos

• applicant must attach necessary supporting documents

• applicant must provide his/her contact number(s)

• applicant's form must be countersigned by a Justice of Peace (JP)

Not less than seven days notice will be given for each application. The issuing of a passport cannot be guaranteed in less than this period. Exceptions will be made in respect of urgent genuine cases. This note does not apply in the case of applications made by persons outside the Gambia in which case the application processing may take considerably longer.

The Fee for a Gambia Green Ordinary Passport (Machine Readable Passport) is One Thousand Dalasis (D 1000.00) payable upon demand. The fee is non refundable.

• Each section of the form must be completely filled out.

• No two people can share the same passport or details. On the other hand, it is an offence to hold two valid Gambian passports.

• Failure to furnish the required information in every respect may result in the issue of passport delayed.

Authentication of Application:
Question 15 of the completed application form must be endorsed by one of the following; a Cabinet Minister, Member of House of Representatives, Justice of the Peace, Medical or Legal Practitioner, Head Chief, City or Area Councillor, Commissioner of Oaths, Notary Public and Civil Servant of Categories VI and above who has been personally acquainted with applicant for at least two years.

Documents to be produced:

(I) If applicant is a Gambian citizen by birth or descent :

(a) Birth Certificate and additional supporting document must be attached

(b) Old Passport required in all cases of Renewal and replacements.

In cases where the applicant is unable to produce his/her Birth Certificate a certificate signed by the Alkalo or the Seyfo of the District in which the applicant was born proving Gambian birth must be produced. Applicant must attach parents’ documents.

(II) If applicant has obtained Gambian Citizenship by Marriage

(a) Marriage certificate and

(b) Certificate of Citizenship by Marriage must be attached.

(III) If applicant has obtained Gambian Citizenship by Naturalization or Registration .

(a) Naturalization or Registration Document must be attached to all applications

(IV) If applicant is under 16 years of age:

(a) Birth Certificate (see note 1) above or Documentary proof from

Alkalo or Seyfo, additional Parent’s Supporting Document must be attached.

(b) Application form must indicate Legal Guardian’s consent indicating relationship with applicant on question 16 of the passport application form.

Two identical copies of recent passport size photographs of applicant must be attached to the application form.

The issuance of a passport will be conditional upon a bond being entered into with the Gambia Government on the passport application form, in some cases, at the absolute discretion of the Passport Control Officer. The purpose of the Bond is to identify Government against the risk of incurring maintenance and repatriation charges in the event of the passport holder becoming destitute outside the Gambia. The Bond may only be entered into by prominent resident of the Gambia who is willing and in the opinion of the passport Control officer able to honour his/her obligation. Applicants outside the Gambia should enter the names of such persons to prevent delay even though a Bond may not be required in their case.

Registration At Embassies/Consulates Abroad:
Gambian citizens resident abroad should at the earliest convenience register their names and addresses at the nearest Gambia consulate, office of the Gambia High Commission, or where there is no Gambian representative, with the nearest United Kingdom Representative. Changes of address or departure from the country should also be notified.

Failure to register with the Gambia Consulate, high commission or representative may in a period of emergency result in difficulty or delay in according assistance and protection.

NB: the passport remains the property of the government of the republic of the Gambia and may be withdrawn at any time.

It is a valuable document and should not be altered in any way or allowed to pass into the possession of any unauthorized person, no stamps, statements, notations or other admissions should be placed or made in this passport except authorized. If passport is lost or destroy, the facts and circumstances should be reported at once to the passport office in Banjul or to the nearest Gambia consulate or other representative and to the local Police. New passports can only be issued in such cases after exhaustive enquiries.

The following will fall under the frequently asked questions on the GID Website

How Can I Replace My Passport:
If a passport is lost, stolen, or misplaced

• Applicant must complete a new passport application form

• Applicant must attach an Affidavit of lost passport and Police Report

• Applicant must attach supporting documents

If passport has expired:

• Applicant must complete a new passport application form

• Applicant must attach expired passport. In instances where there is a valid visa in the expired passport, a photocopy of the passport Bio-Data page must be attached

If applicant wishes to change details or photo:

• Applicants new details must be clearly spelled out on a new passport application form

• New photos must be attached where applicant wishes to change photo

• Applicants present passport must be attached on the application form and surrendered to the Immigration Department

• Applicant must attach proof matching new details and present original copy where necessary

NB: Application for new passports replacement or renewal is only processed if fees are paid and receipts attached. Application forms must be counter signed by a Justice of the Peace and authenticated by any one of the persons indicated in section 15 of the passport application form.

Source: Gambia Immigration Department


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