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Contact Address Details:

Action Aid - Gambia Branch AATG
Banjul area Head Office

MDI Road, Kanifing South
PMB 450, Serrekunda
PO Box 725 Banjul
The Gambia
West Africa

Tel no: +220 4392244, 4392029
                    4392004, 9966045

Fax:             4392425



Action Aid The Gambia is a UK charity organisation which began operating in The Gambia in 1979, and now works with 200,000 people.

It supports the basic rights and needs of poor people, working at a practical level to improve their access to services and lobbying government and other decision-makers to change policies and practices that affect their lives. Action Aid is an affiliate of AATG UK which is a Charity and non-profit making organisation. AATG is an International Non-governmental Organisation working with poor communities and other stakeholders in eradicating poverty. The organisation is non-political, non religious and non racial. AATG is a non-profit organization with equal opportunities for employment for everyone.

Wherever possible, Action Aid works with local organisations so that change is appropriate and long-lasting. In the areas where AATG operates, there are over 700 local associations, whose approach is based on the Mandinka word TESITO, meaning self reliance.

Their mission is to enable poor and marginalised people achieve their basic needs and rights and thus ensure social equity and justice.

Geographical Areas of Operations:
Kuntaur :
The area covers 960 square km, divides into four chiefdoms and is home to 59,465 people. Eighty percent of the population in this area are subsistence farmers.

Falladu West
785 square km, home to 68,800 people, this hilly area divides into two chiefdoms. Forest areas have been cleared, bush fires are common and rainfall is low. Ninety-eight per cent of the population are farmers.

Covering an area of 858 square km, home to around 35,023 inhabitants, this area is characterised by high river banks and large gullies caused by severe erosion

Gender Policy:
Traditional norms and values place restrictions on the lives and well being of girls, boys, women and men in many, if not all societies in the world. With regards to education, decision-making power, paid employment and access to productive resources such as land, to name a few, boys and men tend to be favoured, while women and girls experience greater restrictions.

In The Gambia for example, the potentials of girls and women, who constitute half the population, are not realised because of social imbalances. These coupled with insensitivity to certain instruments that have been laid down to protect the rights and dignity of girls and women make it impossible for their potentials to be fully tapped.

ActionAid's new strategy of Fighting Poverty Together and its corresponding Africa strategy Ingendo require that they put the challenge to get boys, girls, men and women to embrace one another for the common good at the heart of their new approach to poverty eradication.

Education Advocacy Campaign:
The main purpose of the campaign at national level is to assist government to develop and promote local policies and practices which would enhance the provision of quality education for all, particularly the poor and marginalised people. At Regional level, the national campaign networks are linked to Africa-Network Campaign for Education For All (ANCEFA). This body is also a member of the Global Campaign for Education and Elimu Campaign for Education. All these linkages are meant to create that south/north movement towards the provision of education for all by southern governments, through civil society participation in acting as a watchdog of the poor and marginalised people.

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