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Beach Bars in Gambia, Page 1
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  Bailey's Beach Bar
Kololi Resort area
It serves mostly fish dishes and is on the road down from the Palma Rima Hotel.

  Bamboo Beach Bar
Bijilo Resort, Banjul area
In unspoilt view facing the Atlantic Ocean specialising in fish dishes.

  Baobab Beach Bar
Kololi Resort
It serves delicious meals and is good value for money.

  Calypso Beach Bar & Restaurant
Cape Point beach
Fine seafood from a long established and fine restaurant.

  Domino Beach Bar
Kotu Strand, Greater Banjul area
Serving good food at sensible prices, open 24 hours a day during the winter holiday season.

  Jaama Beach Bar
It has a seating capacity for 30 diners.

  Juffureh Beach Bar & Restaurant
Can seat up to 50 guests.

  Jula's Beach Bar
Kotu Resort, Banjul area
The bar is set in a quiet place as it's some distance from the main Kololi resort so it's ideal if you want to eat in peace

  Jungle Beach Bar
Sanyang Resort
Located on clean, golden sands and serving freshly caught lobsters and other seafood dishes.

  Kotu Point Beach Bar
If you're looking for cheap cold drinks and tasty food in Gambia, as well as solitude then this is your place.

  Kunta Kinteh Beach Bar
Kotu Resort, Banjul area
It serves a wide selection of dishes and beverages. Food served includes Domoda, Chicken Yassa and Jollof Rice

  La Pirogue Beach Bar
Bijilo, Banjul area, Ksmd
Apart from serving a good standard of cuisine and a broad selection of drinks it also has a swimming pool!

  Lamin's Beach Bar

  Leybato Beach Bar
Banjul area, Fajara
Leybato is a long established Gambian bar and restaurant which is tucked away behind a gently sloping hill. It has a seating capacity of 18.

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Above you will find each businesses' background information, contact addresses, telephone numbers, some emails, websites & main locations in the Greater Banjul area of the western coast region of The Gambia, West Africa.

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