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Bread in Gambia
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There is no wonder bread in The Gambia, but the country hosts some delicious homemade varieties. The most common are long pieces of bread in the shape of a French baguette.

Senfur is most similar to the taste and texture of a baguette, though shorter, thicker around, and a bit less crunchy than the French style of bread.

Tapalapa is much different and more widely available, especially outside of the Greater Banjul area. It is heavy and dense, with a taste and reminiscent of the inside of soft pretzels. Senfur and taapa laapa are sold in almost any local shop for about £0.13 for either; for other types of bread, including familiar loaves of white bread and Italian style bread, you must go to a bakery.

There are numerous bakeries in Gambia dotted about the Kombo areas who usually have finished baking around 4 in the morning and begin to deliver their loaves just before dawn to the local Pulaar and Mauritanian Arabs' shops.


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