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Gambia's Operation Clean The Nation
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In Gambia, Operation Clean The Nation, is locally known as Set Settal or Setal is a program aimed at bettering the trash problem. It is enacted on certain Saturdays, when most businesses and all schools will close across the nation to foster cleaning of trash around compounds and public areas of The Gambia.

Most transportation is halted in the morning (private cars as well as public taxis), enforced by the military. Exemption tickets are available if you are on urgent business. The first ever program seemed to work well; the day after the first cleaning exhibited many clean streets and compounds with no trash to be seen except in smouldering ditches.

It is usually held on the last Saturday of each month and starts from 9am to 1pm. Sometimes twice a month. During this time private cars are not allowed to drive on the roads of greater Banjul in order to keep the roads clear for communal rubbish clearing and collection as well as for the dump trucks. You can go to the police and get special permission to drive that day if you can show good reason. Diplomatic, government and NGO vehicles are not subject to any restriction on Operation Clean The Nation day.


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