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Food & Drinks Processing Sector in Gambia
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Due to its favourable climate, rich soils and large areas of arable land, a wide variety of food crops are grown in The Gambia. However, due to inadequate storage and handling facilities and limited added value and processing plants, large quantities of produce are wasted each year. For example post harvest fish losses are high, estimated at 20-30%. Traditional processing of fish in The Gambia is an important means of making fish available to consumers, especially those living in rural areas. The market for cured / smoked fish is expanding, although inadequate market information and low level of organisation among producers and traders limit the efficiency of the trade.

With a growing urban population and a large tourism industry, The Gambia currently imports large quantities of processed food and drink products, which could be supplied using processed local materials. Regional markets in neighbouring countries are also a potential market and are already being supplied by a number of food and drink processing companies based in The Gambia.

There are a number of firms already involved in giving added-value to food and drinks namely: GAMBEGA (bottling plant), Gamwater, King Kombo (distillery), ComAfrique (nuts), Lyncoln Solutions (machinery), Pelican Seafood and others.
  Investment Opportunities:
Processing and packaging of out of season and exotic fruit and vegetables for the Western European market.

Freezing, canning and drying of fruit and vegetables for the export market.
Processing and packaging fruit and vegetables for the urban population of The Gambia.

Supply of fruit and vegetables for the hotel and restaurant trade in The Gambia.

Processing and packaging of high quality nuts and dried fruit for the tourist and export markets.

Processing and packaging of fruit juices for the domestic and export markets.

Production of soft drinks for the domestic and regional markets.



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