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Manufacturing Sector in Gambia
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The Gambia’s manufacturing sector continues to be under developed with a limited manufacturing base focused mainly at the domestic market, and utilizing a limited range of skills and technology. The Government's strategy is to build on the small domestic base to encourage companies to supply the Gambian and regional markets, and subsequently develop products which can be exported to the EU and the US.

Investment Opportunities:
Although the Gambian market is small, there are substantial imports of manufactured goods and processed foods for the tourist and national populations. There is also a substantial regional market with established distribution channels developed through the existing re-export business.
Opportunities exist in the following areas:
• Food and drink processing.

• Packaging for the agriculture and food processing sectors.
• Machinery manufacturing and servicing (particularly for the agriculture, food and fisheries industry).

• Plastics for the consumer market.

• Plastics for the construction industry.

• Stainless steel fabrication.

• Basic electronic assembly.

• Pharmaceutical manufacturing or packaging.

• Healthcare products (complimentary medicines, medical devices etc.)

• Cosmetics production.


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