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Travellers' Cheques For Gambia
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The most popular travellers' cheques used in The Gambia are Thomas Cook (ABTA & IATA protected), and American Express Travelers' Cheques (Amex), who both have a widespread network and fairly efficient replacement system in place.

As a general rule you tend to get a better exchange rate when you change cash into the local money, the Dalasi, than you would get converting travelers' checks into cash at a bank or bureau de change. However, if you are staying for a longer period it is more advisable to have a mix of say 75% cash and 25%TCs. This is for reasons of security, as they can normally be replaced within 24 hours from the time you report the loss, whereas it is a different matter for loss of cash.

As an emergency back up do take along any debit or credit cards as they can be used at some bank ATMs to withdraw cash. To minimise the chances of loss do keep both cash and travellers' cheques in your resort's in-room safe or at the reception desk's safety deposit box.  Do hold a copy of the original TC receipt, and note down their serial numbers. This is because a few banks will not honour your cheques without your original receipt.



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