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Baboucarr Etu Ndow (Artist)
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Background & Biography:
Etu - (Baboucarr Ndow also spelt Baboucar) is based at his (Tumbunto) Tunbung Art Village and Gallery in Tujereng (Tujering) in Kombo South district.

He was born in 1966 at Bakau, The Gambia, and is today one of the leading talented artists in the country. He became an art teacher in 1984 instructing and encouraging school students in the visual arts then later moved onto lecturing at the University of the Gambia.

He has appeared on several arts programmes on TV both locally and overseas. Later in life he secured a student place at the Art Academy Constantyn Huygens, in the Netherlands at Kampen.

Style & Techniques:
He  is distinguished from other artists in his relationship and eagerness to work with local naturally occurring materials, objects and the vibrant colours found in his natural surroundings. It is important to him to have a balance between the used materials, environment and vivid African colours such as Ochre. He happily combines the local traditional materials around him with contemporary techniques and acrylics producing richly textured abstract works. An important element in his style is the influence of sunlight on the landscape, people and the different forms and forms of emphasis it takes in interacting with them. He says "The sunlight surrounds me 12 hours per day. That influences everything slightly". The other element are the everyday sounds he hears as it gives him artistic energy which he translated onto his canvasses.

Tunbung Art Gallery:
The centre was opened in 2002 and is used as his workshop as well as to nurture and develop young local talent in he country as well as in the rest of the West Africa region. Tumbunto gallery has also attracted students from several European universities. There are regular workshops and exhibitions displaying his and other aspiring students works. The studio is located out in the open and forms the centre state and focus of his artistic efforts. The place is one of a few local initiatives aimed at stimulating new interest in painting and other creative endevours in The Gambia.

Work Experience:
1984 1988 art teacher at a secondary school in Gunjur

1989 1990 teacher in St Joseph Girls High School, Banjul

1990 1994 he run a gallery, the "African Art Collection Center" in Bakau

1994 1995 started a silk screen printing studio. During this period he already participated in various exhibitions in the Gambia and Senegal

1996 Journey to Europe and exhibition in England

1996 - 2000 he studied at the art academy in Kampen, Netherlands. From 1998 on exhibitions in Netherlands and Sweden

2001 moved back to the Gambia

2001 - 2003 art and techniques introducing show for children in the Gambian TV and Art teacher at "French International School" in the Gambia

2003 gave lectures on artistic traditions at the University of the Gambia

2003 founded the Tunbung Art Village



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