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General Tips & Advice:
The economy of The Gambia, in West Africa, has expanded significantly since 2000. There is a need to find qualified workers in some sectors where there may be a lack of experience or expertise among the general working population. This is particularly true for specialist engineering positions, top hotel management jobs, overseas school teaching jobs in Banjul. You may also just be looking for a working holiday abroad or for a more extended period such as a gap year, or as an intern.

If you are a would-be US or UK expatriate looking to find jobs abroad or a Gambian citizen wanting to come back home to work  then consider looking through the job vacancies sections of the several online newspapers in the Greater Banjul area. Some will provide an online application form while other companies will want you to post your CV along with any relevant work experience. See also the classifieds section professional journals and magazines to keep your self informed of the latest openings.

There are various types of NGOs who have work programs for foreign volunteers looking for overseas employment opportunities without having to commit long-term,  so it maybe worthwhile contacting them directly along with scans of your relevant documents such as your resume, certificates, diplomas, degrees and work experience etc.

If you are looking for work in the Civil Service then you need to contact the Public Service Commission of The Gambia. They handle all recruitment for working in the Government except for ambassadors and local government personnel.

Many jobs are not advertised so you need to take the initiative. Even if you are not hired an employer may decide to keep your details and contact you at a later date.

Whenever possible, try to secure overseas employment before you relocate. This can prevent logistical problems and help you obtain work permits and residency papers in advance of your arrival in Gambia.

Networking locally with Banjul based professionals in your field of interest can lead to overseas work opportunities, either long-term or short-term or if you are lucky you might get to hear about vacancies before they are advertised. Sometimes a firm might create a specific post so it can use the experience and skills you offer.

Make sure your employment application stands out. Write an application that will set itself apart from the other interview candidates. Look at the demand for skills you have in the particular market and the best means to make yourself appear preferable to a potential recruiter.

If you are a professional then use the online networking site called LinkedIn to get to know other people in your field of work from around the world.

Useful Websites:
Various international organizations operating in Gambia that occasionally have openings such as the IMF, European Commission, United Nations, UNHCR The World Bank.

Eurograduate, based in the UK, lists vacancies worldwide and provides a career guide. JobsAbroad provides a database of employment vacancies around the world arranged by country as well as internships. International Jobs Online, from the London based CareerGroup, has vacancies and careers information mainly aimed at international students and those looking to work overseas after graduation.

The British Council advertises jobs in TEFL and education generally, as well as a choice of consultancy posts in health, finance, and the environment. They also work on arts events in over 100 countries and have contacts for those in the creative field wanting to work abroad. There are also a few opportunities to staff British Council offices overseas, although these are usually for staff with extensive work experience.

For a wide range of international jobs listings,,  based in the USA, offers a keyword search facility and country pull down menu of international vacancies or you can browse their listings.,  also based in the USA, maintains an overseas employment database of career opportunities.

Hospitality Jobs:
There is a need for well qualified personnel to fill in various hotel management vacancies in The Gambia. The tourism industry continues to flourish, and new tour operators and hotels are being set up on a continued basis. Whether you are an expat looking to find a job as a hotel manager, tour rep, travel agent, professional head chef, hotel receptionist, restaurant manager etc., there are lots of prospects of overseas jobs in the hospitality industry.

Get your resume together along with any relevant work experience, scan all the documents and email them directly to the hotel or other hospitality establishment along with a brief introductory of what kind of work you are looking for. You can also post or take your documents personally to the company and address it to the personnel manager.

Look for companies which already have overseas branches or subsidiaries in The Gambia. For example the Coral Beach Hotel is already operating a 5 star hotel in Brufut. Often they will want you to work for them in your own country for a while before making a transfer overseas. Sometimes it is more immediate.

Banking & Finance Jobs:
Since the early 2000s there has been a rapid expansion in the number of banks and branch networks in The Gambia. So if you have studied finance, there are various employment vacancies for branch managers, accountants and auditors, bank tellers, and financial consultants.

The best way to look for employment in banking is to go directly to the financial institutions websites and look for their page on advertised career opportunities or similarly named page. If it is not immediately visible then see the site map, if they have any. The other route would be to use their contact page and introduce yourself directly along with your CV. Keep your email short and courteous.

Education Jobs:
Teaching jobs in Gambia are a socially responsible wary to contribute to community development and help youths to better their lives, improve their career opportunities and have a chance of a better livelihood. There are many nursery and primary school education schemes in the Western Region as well as in the lower, and upper river regions. There are also many colleges and higher level education institutions, such as universities, who may have vacancies for qualified specialist teachers.

Working as a volunteer teacher in Gambia's schools can often be achieved by contacting a charity based in the country which runs a primary or nursery school. Colleges tend to be privately run so you will need to contact them directly.

Real Estate Jobs:
The realty sector is a fast growing area. Many new residential houses, hotels, holiday apartments and office properties are being constructed around the country with an emphasis in the Greater Banjul area and Serrekunda Town. There is a strong demand for construction professionals such as building surveyors, engineers, architects and turnkey contractors.

Aside from the above list, there are also a broad range of employment opportunities in other fields. To find a selection of jobs in The Gambia, you can contact companies listed on our site which includes phone numbers, many emails, websites and some faxes.


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