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Crocodile Pools:
There are 3 sacred crocodile pools in The Gambia i.e. Folonko in Kartong, Berending and Katchikally in Bakau. They are mainly fertility shrines where, for over a long

period of time, people have sought help for their difficulties. Infertile women would bring kola nuts as offerings in order to overcome their infertility; men to turn back bad luck in business; worried parents who seek protection for their offspring during the rite of circumcision and wrestlers to gain victory and more

Other Holy Sites:
Senneh-Mentering is a sacred coppice located on the cliffs overlooking the beach at Brufut. The grove is mostly comprised of Baobab trees. It has a clearly demarcated approach from the main street facing Brufut Village. A mud hut with corrugated iron roofing provides shelter for those wishing to keep vigil at the site. At the bottom of the cliff is a water well where those who come for prayers are ritually bathed.

Among other sites are Santangba, Gunjur, sacred wells, sites used by prominent religious figures for prayers,  caves, stone circles, cemeteries and famous tombs,  mosques including sand dune mosques and churches.

These places are often associated with supernatural powers and are as a result venerated by people and whole communities.


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