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Oysters in Gambia
The development of Oyster cultivation in Gambia has been a priority for the Government for some years now. The Department of Fisheries has conducted research studies on the mangrove oyster of West Africa Ostrea (Crassostrea) tulipa...

From the distinct offshore bar bypassing at Oyster Creek it may be inferred on the basis of governing rules for tidal inlets that, the littoral drift along this coastal stretch must be in the order of 30,000 to 100,000 rn3/yr...

  Denton Bridge
.....situated at the mouth of Oyster Creek connects the mainland with St. Mary's Island where the capital of Banjul is located......The area to the east of the bridge is used mainly by fishing tour operators.....

  Fisheries Sector
Resource management efforts are also to place special emphasis on: the shrimp fishery.....(fish pond culture, oyster culture, shrimp farming);...

  Green Mamba Restaurant
Menu Overview:...• Mighty Kahn’s All In
Spicy mustard marinade on oyster sauce, good on everything….but strong!!!

  Gunjur Environmental Protection
& Development Group

Bolonfenyo Community Wildlife Reserve:.....mangroves are important breeding and feeding grounds for various species of shrimps, oysters, molluscs and other....

  Jola Tribe
The Jolas are an industrious people and their various occupations included large scale rice cultivation, honey collecting, palm wine tapping (bounouk), fishing, oyster collecting and other agricultural activities.

  Tanbi Wetland Complex
...women collect, roast and sell oysters harvested from the mangroves located on the site.  Firewood is also collected from the area making it possible for these women to burn the oysters as well as to cook their meals.

  Travellers' Diarrhoea
Fish and shellfish can be suspect in some countries take particular care with uncooked shellfish such as oysters.

  Tumani Tenda Eco-Reserve
The area's other resource is the river: the creek is a steady source of small fish as well as oysters, which cling to the roots of the mangroves along the banks. Buoyed up by their success with trees and vegetables,...

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