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Basse Santa Su

The Gambian town of Basse Santa Su is located 375km from Banjul in the Upper River Region (population 183,000) and is a final destination stop for most river cruises that come this far and the scenery is ideal for birdwatching with its lush tree canopy along the river bank. A great place to spot the Egyptian Plover or crocodile bird. It is 1 of 8 local government areas & is 4m above sea level.

Basse (geographical coordinates at 13°18'35"N, 14°13'47"W)Village is the major trading centre for the upper reaches of the Gambia River and liveliest of the upriver towns.  It is a vibrant mix of linguistic diversity  with languages such as Mandinka, English, Arabic, French, Wolof and Sere being spoken. There is a high degree of immigration from Casamance, Liberia and other West African countries. Some of these people often enter The Gambia with very limited financial resources and engaging in subsistence activity such as domestic work, street trading and prostitution.

Things To Do:
There exists plenty of historical architecture to see all around you. One of the old warehouses, built during the colonial era, has been converted into a museum, cultural centre, bookshop and restaurant called Traditions. There’s some high quality stuff on offer, and you can even see the artists at work.

MarketThursday is market day when the streets are lined with shops and stalls. Several of the surrounding villages also hold a weekly 'lumo' (market), with traders and shoppers coming from all over The Gambia to take part. The most interesting sections of town are the water-front and the market.

Travel Information:
To get to Basse from Banjul you take the ferry to Barra as the road conditions are better on the north bank. The total travel time in a shared bush taxi is approximately 7 to 8 hours and costs around D195 per passenger. When you reach Georgetown a trip by road takes just under 1 hour. There are 2 ferry services connecting the north of the town to the south which is dissected by a 95 metre stretch of water. The first is for vehicles and the second is for private passengers.

Local Economy:
Basse’s economy relies heavily on seasonal agriculture from December to March. Kapok (a silky fibre derived from the fruit of the silk-cotton tree) is collected starting in February which is ferried from the north bank in the Sandugu. The local gin brewery, built in 1974, was put in the hands of GAMCOT. This has made cotton one of the town's most profitable crops. The other mainstay of the area are the wide selection of platters, colanders and African amphoræ that are brought in by cart from Alohungari and into market. It is hoped that the new Trans-Gambia Highway will breath new life into its local commercial houses.

There are numerous internet cafes and a Gamtel (phone centre tel: 5668000), Post Office tel: 5668226 a police stations tel: 5668878, GPTC public transport tel: 5668868, a Shell petrol station phone: 5668593, as well as chemists in the main town area.

Bank Branches:
Standard Bank - Tel: 5668218
Trust Bank - Tel: 566807

Places to Visit:
Traditions Craft Shop
Food market
Tie Dyeing and weavers spot
Food market

Places to Eat:
Aunty Flo's
F&B's Bar & Restaurant
Kassoumai Bar
Plaza Club

Name: Telephone Number:
Agasimon Traditions: 5668760
Basse Guest House 6668283
Fulladu Camp: 9906791
Government Rest House: 5668262
Jem Hotel: 9843658
Kerr Mike: 9931848

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