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Westfield Junction, Serrekunda
Westfield Junction, in Serrekunda, is the main roundabout which is at the end of Kairaba Avenue going south east and is named after the clinic there. It is the Gambia's equivalent of Piccadilly Circus without the water fountain but with 2 sculptures: The first is of a palm-wine tapper located in the middle of the roundabout and the second is of 2 school children holding text books with is located behind the Youth Monument Bar & Restaurant just in front of the church and Gamtel's spiral staircase. Nearby is also the Standard Chartered Bank.

Road Side:
Almost at all times of the day it bustling with commuters, taxis, private cars, cyclists as well as street traders offering bootleg DVDs for around 2, fruit sellers and general layabouts and chancers.

Traffic lights at the road leading on to the Banjul / Serrekunda Highway now regulate the traffic there instead of the police. However, there are huge tailbacks from 4 pm onwards as people exit the capital on their way back home to the Kombos.

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Photo: Youth Monument Landmark


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