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Formerly known as Pipeline Road the Kairaba Avenue (map) was named after the Gambia's former President Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara. It runs eastwards from the Total petrol station on the Atlantic coast and terminates at the monument at Westfield in Serrekunda. The reason it used to be called Pipeline Rd. was because it is so long (3 Km). It transects Fajara M and F sections. The road itself is lined with banks, restaurants, mobile telephone companies, fashion shops and other retail outlets. The year 2006 saw the installation of street lights running most of the length of this road terminating at the traffic lights.

It is the main thoroughfare which runs in a relatively straight line from the 2 monuments at Westfield Junction up past Kairaba Shopping Centre in a north easterly direction up to Mama's Restaurant. On the south east end of Kairaba Avenue is more or less the Serrekunda / Latrikunda section which has the Post Office, Africell, Latrikunda School, LG Electronics. Once you get past the Africell headquarters you go past the Ecobank, FIB, Elton Petrol Station, Le Palais du Chocolat (sells cakes & ice cream), Photo Express, La Parisienne (a patisserie retailer) and the new Access Bank on the left hand side. About 100 m further down on the right side is the US Peace Corps building shortly followed by the American Embassy which is opposite GT Bank.

Still going north east you come across MP Trading, Prime Stationery, St. Mary's Food & Wine and at the traffic light junction there are 2 main landmarks which are the Standard Chartered House and the Galp Petrol Station at the intersection. After 10am this area is full of billboards, street peddlers, beggars, fruit sellers, taxis and chancers. Immediately further down from this point it becomes more relaxed and quieter as the roadside is full of more residential houses. The first place you see is the Kairaba Police Station on the right and further down to your left is the Sankung Sillah building (one of the tallest buildings in The Gambia). Soon you reach the Bakau New Town junction (Sabena Junction) on your right which leads you into Bakau New Town and towards Banjul. After this junction are a row of shops and restaurants including The Emporium Shopping Mall, The Butcher's Shop (restaurant), The Stone's Lounge, Pipper's kids clothes shop and Francisco's and Mama's restaurant. At this point you have hit the end of the road junction and ahead of you is the Atlantic Boulevard.

You can get to the ocean by carrying on in a straight line uphill on a dirt road and down to Leybato.

Places To Stay:
There is no real accommodation to stay on the Kairaba Avenue however, just off the road you can find Francisco's Hotel, JD Apartments, Sermaho Residence,  The Malawi Guesthouse and Fajara Golf Apartments.

Property Prices:
The cost of an empty plot of land alone is astronomical as there is heavy competition from international companies to base their headquarters along this commercially lucrative thoroughfare.

Road Conditions:
It is best when driving south east during the daytime to avoid Kairaba Avenue from the traffic lights up to the junction at Westfield. This is because cars are normally slow moving and almost bumper-to-bumper which can cause you unnecessary delay. Try and take the back roads from the Stadium and into Kanifing then go onto one of 3 main roads: 1 leads into Westfield Junction from the Banjul Highway and the other 2 lead directly onto Kairaba Avenue.

The Kairaba Avenue itself has not been resurfaced for many years now erosion is beginning to take its toll on the edges making it difficult to get off the road and onto the 'kerb'. Hopefully it will soon follow other road projects in the Gambia and be re-surfaced.



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