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Bama Kuno Forest Park, Gambia
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The Bama Kuno (also spelt Bamakuno) is located 25km to the south east of Brikama town in the Western Region (Kombo East District) of The Gambia.

It is a densely wooded area and lies next to Kahlenge Forest and is just over 930 hectares. It was designated a park on January 1st 1954.

Avi Fauna:
Among the bird species to be found are the African Green Pigeon, Yellow-bellied Hyliotas, Brown-backed Woodpecker, blood chest beard bird, dwarf weber, Siffling Cisticolas, brown back woodpecker, Bearded Barbet, Bronze-tailed Glossy Starlings, Black-crowned Tchagra, African Golden Oriole, Black-winged Red Bishop and Red-winged Warblers.

Geographical coordinates: 13 11' 48 N, 16 25' 2 W.


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