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If you are on holiday or a business visitor coming to The Gambia for the first time you may ask yourself how much do things cost in UK British pounds, Euros, Dollars or even in Dalasis? On the whole prices of everyday products are cheaper than in Europe, but some items, particularly imported supermarket products, can be a lot higher.  Below are prices and ranges in Sterling for goods and services in Greater Banjul.

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Products Street Prices
Beer (300ml local Julbrew) 0.80 - 0.90
Bottle of soft drink 0.30 - 0.40
Building materials Various
Fuel Petrol - litre 0.91
Fuel Diesel - litre 0.87
Half size French bread - Senfurr 0.12
Mineral water 1.5 litres 0.40
Milk small tin - Peak 0.38
Milk carton skimmed 1.5L 1.08
Newspaper 0.25
Rice Bag - 50kilo 25 - 30
Soap bar - bathing 0.70
Toothpaste 1.20

Average Cost Per Person Hotel Room Rate
Budget 10 or less
Middle-range tourist hotels 11-50
Top- range 51-80
Luxury class 81+

Note that room rates for hotels in Gambia do vary according to the season, with lower prices being charged between May to September when demand for hotel rooms is much lower. The other factor to consider is the fluctuating exchange rate which can lead to an increase or decrease in the charge of boarding. However, the price level for hotel room reservations is usually set at the start of the winter holiday season in mid-October, and usually remains valid until around mid April of the following year.

Ranges 3 course meal
Budget 3-5 per person
Middle-range 6-17 per person
Top-range 18+ per person

Your bill can vary significantly depending on which of the many restaurants you are eating out in. Basic, locally cooked food on a plate can be as little as 1.50 with fish and chips starting at around 2.00.

If you are on a really tight budget and have a strong stomach you could try the local takeaways, which are located to the east of the resorts, where you can get what in Gambia is called a "plaate" which is basically the "dish of the day" for about 60 pence.

A typical 3 bedroom bungalow not too far from the coastal resorts of Kololi, Kotu, Bijilo and Kerr Serign is between 1,600 - 2,800 per year. Location is the biggest determining factor when looking for houses for rent in Greater Banjul. See also holiday rentals.

If you are living in your own house and own a car then you can have a good standard of living for about 100 per week. This figure can be lower or higher depending on your lifestyle, how much you like to go out, services provided, maintenance etc.

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